The Quibblo Oscars Awards( Ceremony)!

The Quibblo Oscars Awards( Ceremony)!

The Quibblo Oscars is an awards 'show' with winners produced by quibblonian voters that participated in the (voting polls ( page 2 as well))
Thank you all for participating! :D
Hosts - Epicsnicker( Confident_Me) and love4nerds00 ( Hadesdaughter00)

Chapter 1

First up, Best Original Idea!

The Winner for Best Original Idea is...


CVDB's inspiring story " (Letters to Heaven) " is a story of two best friends. They've gone through everything together, and even though one of them has died, she left behind letters for her best friend to find, to help her move on. A dialogue of letters, sent to heaven.

Clapping goes through totally awesome mind stadium

Hadesdaughter00 hands her (Golden Pen award)

CVDB - " Oh my gosh! Thank you so much to anyone who voted for me! This means the world to me, and I can't believe that I won, especially when I was up against two other amazing stories. I never thought this story would ever be so successful. It started out as just a small idea and it blossomed into something beautiful thanks to all my supporters. Without them I would never have been able to finish it, and I truly do owe this all to them. Thank you so much! "

Congratulations CVDB!!!!


Writing tip: Use your imagination, but don't be too random. Serious readers usually want intriguing, interesting, in-depth suspenseful books or stories. Something that they will enjoy, giving them all fair emotions Not really how Unicorn Bob ran through Candy mountain while cartwheeling with his best friend Henry Hippo.

Although I personally, would totally read that

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