HP group story details

Hello fellow authors. I have decided to have 8 other authors as it is an even number and I like even numbers. Ok so please don't show this to anyone as it is a secret . Shhh;)

Chapter 1

Basic things

Hey all. I'm ready to get this story started and hopefully you are. Ok so here is the writing order (random)
1. Gryffinclaw victor (me lol)
2. HayleyFlynn_Rawr
3. Directioner826
4. RegretNothing
5. Devilontherun
6. Slytherpuff11
7. Callielover
8. Dreams_come_true
9. Creatavity

Ok so what happens in each chapter I hear you ask

1. Basic story info and first strange placing in a house
2. Second weird placing and the rest. McGonagall has a meeting with the students and basic intros
3. First day. (All characters are in the same classes to make it easier) people give them funny looks and whisper. Anything else you like really
4. (1 month passes) First quidditch match. ( since it is a new Hogwarts era first years can be on the team. I don't mind how many would be like to be on the teams as long as it fits the story. (Only two houses)
5. First strange happening. Professor Flitwick has gone missing and can't be found. Other strange hings may happen in this chapter
6. Christmas holiday. I don't mind if some characters want to go home.( please message the writer so they know) the 'gang' realise that to crack this mystery they must work as a team and they soon become friends
7. Flitwick turns up beaten and bloody. He comes with a message about a new dark force arising. To be aware and cautious.
8. During a class near the forbidden forest the 'gang' notice something strange so decide to check it out that night.

First round of chapters. Any problems or better plots and ideas please feel free to message me .

Ok so if you want any more information on characters please message the author of that

HayleyFlynn_Rawr character
I accidentally deleted the top bit so could you send it again. Sorry:(

Please feel free to comment on this with suggestions , more info etc

Writing time - 2 weeks (need more time please message)
Good luck. I will start my chapter in a couple of days because I'm bust at the moment.

Okay Libby out!


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