Hey guess what it's time for me to yell angrily about something again

Chapter 1


Yes, once again I have decided to unleash my inner angry feminist. If you are easily offended by notions of the patriarchy, I suggest you leave.

If you're still here, congratulations! You have won the right to hear me rant angrily at no one in particular and everyone in particular. How's that for a contradiction?

Now, we're gonna have a little talk about sluts. And also whores. Or should I say, people who are labelled as sluts and whores, and the reasons that they are labelled like this.

Girls tend to get a lot of direction as to what they should wear and how they should dress. (Boys; not so much. There is a certain amount of direction, but not nearly so drastic.) Women typically are given out to for showing too much skin. People like to tell me that it "distracts boys." Especially, apparently, when I'm working out.

I was told about two weeks ago that I shouldn't wear shorts when I'm running, I shouldn't wear running leggings when I'm running, and I shouldn't wear a sports bra when I'm running. I ignored this person, obviously. Those are ridiculous requirements to ask me to fill. I mean, I do pretty intensive cardio, so I get really hot, really fast. The last thing I need is to be collapsing from warmth because I had to wear multiple layers in order to "not distract boys."

Boys getting distracted is not my responsibility, and neither is it my priority. I know plenty of boys who have no freaking trouble with focusing on themselves and not on me. Boys are not feral creatures who can't control their hormonal instincts and can't help but run crotch-first towards any female who shows their stomach. They're capable of control and it's insulting to suggest that they aren't. And if I do happen to come across a boy who isn't capable of control; that's his problem. It's not mine.

One thing that I've seen a lot (far too much, actually), is girls who choose to wear short skirts or crop tops or whatever, being told to "have some self respect."

If you have ever in your life told a girl to "have some self respect" for wearing something that she chose to wear just because you think she's not adequately "covering herself up;" f♥ck you, your nonsense and the horse you rode in on.

It's my body. Okay? And women have been beaten down so much that if I actually manage to muster the self confidence and self esteem to wear something "revealing," you need to shut up and stop putting me down for feeling good enough about myself to celebrate my body. Self respect has nothing to do with either concealing or revealing your body, self respect is the ability to do what I want in my own body. If that means that I want to wear, I don't know, a burqa, and cover all of my skin; awesome, good for me, you should be glad I have the self respect to do that and not let what anyone else says affect me. If that means I want to wear shorts and a crop top; that's great, good for me again, and you should still be glad that I have the self respect to do that and not let what anyone else says affect me.

If you can see my cleavage, that means you can see the place between my breasts which is above my sternum. It does not mean that you can see the place where I used to keep my self respect, which has since fled. I have self respect. I also happen to have boobs. Shocker, right?

I could go on for about nine years but my sheer and utter rage might cause me to bite the next random forty-something man who tells me to "smile, darling" if I continue talking about it.

John Fugelsang addresses the concept of slut-shaming in this video, "We're in the golden age of slut-shaming." It's worth a watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vt7OGi-PaBI


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