A Rant you HAVE to Read (on my thoughts on Gays and Gender Discrimination [will make you angry])

Once you start reading this rant, you'll slowly start getting angrier and angrier at me because I'm basically insulting 75% of the Quibblo population, since I bet 75% of Quibblo are girls, are feminists and probably go on Tumblr too.

Chapter 1

Don't Stop Reading

So first off, rrape is obviously a big issue and I've seen several posts about it on Tumblr. Usually it's a girl saying something about how the chances of being rraped is higher than being eaten by a shark, or that dogs are put down for assaulting women and so men should be put down too. These posts usually end off with the Tumblr user saying "Isn't that funny."

Yeah, your sense of sarcasm is downright hilarious. I'm sure all the rrape victims out there are laughing out loud with you, you must feel real proud of yourself for supporting them by incessantly insulting rrapists and putting them down for their actions. You're a real saint, aren't you.

Now that my own sense of sarcasm is out of the way, let's move on.

Personally, I think the idea that rrapists should be killed is stupid. I get that rrape leaves psychological scars on its victims and it probably ruins the victims' lives but that's still no reason to impose a death sentence on the rrapists.

We need to consider the fact that some ssex offenders actually feel remorse for their actions. Not all of them are black-and-white remorseless about it. Sometimes, maybe, they do feel bad for their actions. Maybe they just got divorced, or they were drunk, or they lost control. Maybe they suffer from a mental condition that makes them ssexually dangerous - I don't know. Point is, they're human too, and while they may have committed a heinous crime, I still think they deserve a bit of sympathy. They ruined someone else's life; but their life was ruined in the process. We should give them a chance to rebuild their life, to turn over a new leaf, not insist on killing them all. That doesn't make us any better than them.

If the rrapist in question shows no remorse, then perhaps I see your point. But I don't believe all of them are stone cold evil that way. I believe that even the worst criminal has some form of humanity. Besides, sometimes people become rrapists because they were rraped in the past. In that sense, they were put through the exact same psychological trauma that they are being put into jail for inflicting on others. I think they deserve some pity, at least some.

Put yourself in this situation: If you could only save one person's life, between an impolite, ungrateful, mean and horrid person who has committed no crimes and a kind, friendly and genuinely remorseful person who has rraped a girl before, who would you pick?

It's a common stereotype that people wouldn't pick the rrapist. This was a true example which I got off the Internet, and most people were arguing in the comments about how they wouldn't pick the rrapist because he'd been convicted of rraping a girl before.

People on Tumblr go on and on about how they support equal rights and all that stuff and then they go out of their way to hate on rrapists. If you think you're a saint by offering a rrape victim support in this manner, think again. You're no saint or protector of human rights if you're just condemning another person, even if the other person committed a crime in the first place.

Another popular Tumblr post is usually a picture of a scantily-clad girl, with the caption, "I don't care how I dress. Men should be able to control their urges." The purpose of the picture was in response to people usually advising women not to wear scanty clothing, because they could get rraped, and the Tumblr user was insulting that idea because she clearly thought it was an oppression of women's rights that they couldn't dress however they wanted because of something men would do.

First of all, that analogy is complete nonsense. Wearing scantily clad clothing and wondering why you got rraped is like going out wearing expensive jewelry and wondering why you got robbed.

Think about it. It's the exact same analogy.

Again, Tumblr users fail to take into account the other person's perspective. Yes, it's not right that men's urges have to restrict how women dress. But that doesn't mean you can go walking around scantily-clad and not expect something to happen.

Besides, men are more susceptible to losing control to their urges, unlike women, who find it harder to tell if they are aroused or not. I'm not saying it's impossible for men to control themselves; I'm just saying that there is some common sense to the advice of not going out scantily-dressed to avoid getting rraped. Don't people also give advice to others to not wear expensive jewelry if you want to avoid being robbed? So there.

Moving on to my next topic, vegans. There are a lot of vegans on Tumblr, and more often than not, these vegans are usually spending their time insulting non-vegans, calling non-vegans bad people because they're eating living animals. I've seen pictures on Tumblr; say, for example, a picture of a live bird looking at a dead bird, with the caption, "Don't you dare tell me animals don't have feelings" or something like that.

Okay, first of all, I can respect that vegans don't eat meat. So why can't they respect that the rest of us DO?

^ That was actually a Tumblr post itself, and I applaud the user who said that. Anyway, point is, we need food to survive. If you really want to be that way and you abstain from eating meat because you don't want to hurt the animals' feelings, fine. But the rest of us want to eat. So don't go and start putting us down for it. Besides, if everyone stopped eating meat, and started eating only vegetables, do you know how badly that would go? If that happened, I imagine several species of animals would probably go extinct without hunters and farmers to trim their population size down. Any number of things could go wrong.

There is nothing wrong with eating meat. It tastes good? Good for you. Enjoy your meal.

Moving on to the next topic, gay rights.

First of all, next to gender discrimination, gay rights is probably the second biggest and most widely discussed topic on Tumblr. And when I say 'widely discussed', I mean people constantly whining about how they support gay rights and how there is nothing wrong with gays and blah blah blah.

It's literally the same as with the rrapists. People act like saints by constantly proclaiming that they support gay rights, that they support gay marriage, blah blah blah. And just like with the rrapists, they will go on to load insults against anyone who doesn't support gay rights, go on to load insults against Christians for hating gays and blah blah blah.

First off, let me tell you something. I don't support gay rights. I'm not saying we should go out there and start shooting people for being gay. You can be gay, I don't care. But I don't encourage people to be gay.

You want to be gay, that's your problem and your life. I'm not going to tell you how to live it. But I'm not a fan of encouraging people to be gay.

If someone is gay, but doesn't want to be gay, you shouldn't give him some stupid advice like "It's okay, just be gay!" What if someone wants to be straight? I have a friend, a very close friend, who confided to me quite recently that he's gay. But since he was a child, he's always dreamed of settling down and starting a family. He's always wanted to fall in love with a dream girl like all the people in books and TV and stuff like that. He's trying to repress his hhomosexual urges and then along come the people on Tumblr.

You may think you're being a saint or a defender of gay rights with all your gay propoganda and all the insults you're spouting at Christians or people who don't support gays, but you're not. You're just being an aasshole.

^ That was another Tumblr post, from someone in response to all the people who try to defend gay rights by insulting Christians.

If you want to help gay rights, and I mean truly help them and not because you want people to applaud you or treat you like a saint, then first of all, insulting the people who don't support gay rights isn't the way to do it.

Oh, look, she insulted a Christian to support gay rights. She's such a saint.

Yeah, that's not true. You claim to stand up for the vulnerable, but putting down the opposition isn't called standing up for the vulnerable. You're not defending the gays, you're just attacking the Christians. And what does that make you? It just makes you a bully. It makes you just like the people who don't support gay rights.

I'll never understand Tumblr. They put down Christians for hating on gays, and they do so in as severe a method as you criticize the Christians for. So how are you any better? Just because you're doing the same thing that the Christians are doing, only to support the gays, doesn't make you any better.

Sure, you're doing the same thing they're doing, but you're doing it for a righteous cause. Hooray for you. That totally makes it acceptable.

Sarcasm again. It does not make it acceptable. You put them down for bullying gays, then do the same thing to them.

Maybe you believe that you are truly helping the gays by doing this. Well, consider this. Why do the Christians not support gay rights? Because they believe their religion tells them that being gay is wrong. Most Christians, like myself, don't support gay rights because we want to HELP them. We want to help them change, to have a better future, like my poor good friend.

Maybe we Christians did misinterpret the Bible. Maybe God really doesn't mind if you're gay or not. But no one knows. When it comes down to it, we Christians do what we do with the intent of helping the gays, just like all those people on Tumblr. So if what they do is acceptable by bullying Christians with the intent of helping gays, why not us?

So think about that the next time you go on another of your pointless crusades by attacking Christians to support gay rights. Because you should know that you're no better than they are. You're on the exact same level. So don't start thinking you're a saint. And don't go around telling everyone you meet that you're a supporter of gay rights, as if that is some amazing glorious title. It's not. It doesn't make you a saint.

Moving on to bullying.

I saw a Tumblr post once, where some girl said something like, "If I ever become a teacher, if I catch my student bullying another, I'm going to ccrap on his desk and make him write an essay on how my ccrap mells like." Yeah, that's a real Tumblr post.

First of all, how is sshitting on his desk going to teach him not to be a bully? Because you yourself are bullying him by giving him that punishment. You're a real role model, aren't you? Teach a kid not to bully by bullying him. Wow.

Again, another self-proclaimed saint. Tumblr users are usually like that. They fight and argue relentlessly over a topic that they know very little about and then they sit back and stare at their computers and feel good about themselves because, evidently, they did something right by fighting for the vulnerable - by attacking the opposition. It doesn't make you a hero, get that in your heads. It's the same situation with rrapists, gays, bullies - you all just try to make yourselves look and feel like saints with all your pointless arguments.

Lastly, my final topic of this rant - Gender Discrimination.

This doesn't just apply to Tumblr anymore. First of all, there are possibly hundreds of people out there in the world who go around, claiming that they are feminists, claiming that they are fighting for gender equality.

Well, there's just one small problem - one little thing that majority of these so-called fighters of gender equality have missed out.

You claim to fight for gender equality. But almost every single Tumblr post and picture I've seen on the topic are you people fighting for women's rights.

Gender equality means equal rights for both men and women. Yet I have hardly ever seen anyone fight for men's rights.

The word 'feminist' itself is ridiculous. It gives the impression that you're fighting for 'females', not all genders. If you only fight for women's rights, then don't fight under a false label and say you're fighting for gender equality. Because you're NOT. You're only fighting for yourselves, for your own equality. Why do you think majority of feminists are female? Because they're fighting for themselves; their own gender. Again, it goes back to the main theme of this rant: pretending to be a saint. Also, another theme of this rant: people only considering one side of the problem.

With rrapists and gays, people only think about one side of the problem. They think about the rrape victims and the gays; they don't consider the rrapists or the Christians. Here, with gender discrimination, you feminists only think about the females, not the males. Ask yourself - please, just take a moment and think - when have you ever fought for men's rights? Huh? If you have, really genuinely have, then good for you.

Men have come under discrimination just as much as women have, but no one fights for us. No one defends us. Let me give you a few examples.

1. Men have to be strong.

Feminists are always complaining that society expects women to always be weak and that women can't be strong. Well, the same goes for men. Society also expects men to always be strong and that men can't be weak.

You women have it good. If you are weak, no one blinks an eye. If you're strong, women applaud you. If men are weak, they get put down by other men and women for it. If men are strong, no one blinks an eye.

Do you see now? You women can be both weak and strong and you'll both get away with it. Men don't. Men are always expected to be strong. And if you don't believe me, here's an example.

Say a man and a woman are both trapped inside a room, and there's a giant bookcase stacked against the door. If the man goes and starts pushing the bookcase out of the way, because he is stronger and has more muscle, and if the woman stands there being scared and does nothing, there's going to be riot of feminists complaining about how this story belittles women.

Then, if the story is different, if the woman is the one pushing the bookcase and the man stands around being scared and doing nothing, there will be a riot of girls all cheering on the woman for being strong and other men will start criticizing the man for being a weakling, for letting a girl do the work. And the so-called feminists do nothing to help the man. They just cheer on the woman.

Don't lie and say, "I wouldn't do that." Because if this was a real situation posted on the Internet, you know the feminists would react in exactly the same way.

See? Men are expected to be strong. We have a better physical structure, perhaps. But does that mean we always have to be the ones doing the physical stuff.

We have a better physical structure. Good on us. Now we have to do all the physical things, all the things requiring muscle, because we were born that way.

Girls and those so-called feminists don't ever argue about this topic. Why? Because they don't care. They fight for justice for their own gender and ignore ours, and then go out there and tell the world that they fight for 'gender equality'. I'll believe it when I see it.

It is true that some girls do fight for boys, but only a very small few. I've only seen, perhaps, one or two girls fight for boys' justice. Those girls are the TRUE feminists, the TRUE fighters of gender equality.

2. Men can't cry, or show weakness.

Society again forbids men from showing any sort of fear. Think about all the movies and books and shows you've watched and read. If, say, a male character is, perhaps, scared of something like spiders, other men would butt in and say something like "man up" or "don't be a ppussy".

You see? Again, society restricts men from being weak. We aren't allowed to show fear. We're supposed to be fearless, which is as stupid as the stereotype that all women are supposed to be fearful.

If a man cries, other men call him weak. If a man gets scared of something, other men tell him to 'man up', to stop acting like a girl. Men suffer from this discrimination just as much as women do. You women call yourselves feminists and start arguing about how society insists women behave a certain way. Well, guess what? Society does the same to men. Society also insists men behave a certain way. Society expects men to always be the strong ones, the fearless ones, the powerful ones - and I hate it. Do you feminists ever fight for men's rights? Hardly.

It's true that women have had the short end of the stick for centuries. But so have men.

Here's another imaginary situation to put yourself in. Say there's a teenage girl and a young man trapped in a sinking ship, about to die, and only one of them can survive if the other sacrifices him or herself.

If the man sacrifices himself so the girl can live, no one blinks an eye. They call the man selfless, sure, but no one puts the girl down. They treat it as something normal, because they believe it was what the man was expected to do.

If the girl sacrifices herself so the man can live, all of a sudden, there's an outrage. People will be calling the girl a heroine, beyond selfless. And they will start hating on the man, saying he was heartless, saying he denied the girl the chance to live her life, saying he was a monster, saying HE should have been the one to sacrifice himself for her.

Now, another change. Now, it's a teenage boy and a young woman trapped inside. If the boy sacrifices himself so the woman can live, most men would probably respond with something like "that boy finally grew up and became a man" and all that nonsense. As if becoming a man is some sort of journey of self-discovery. No one blinks an eye either way.

Feminists are probably going to argue that these two situations are more proof that women are expected to be the weak ones, but these situations show that there is a social hierachy in this world.

Women and children and elderly are all given higher priority over men. If a ship is about to sink, you know who gets to go in the lifeboats first? The captain will probably say "Women and children and elderly up in front, the men in the back!" Why? Because men have lower priority than women.

Sure, women have had lower priority than men in plenty of other situations across time. Well, SO DO MEN! But you don't do anything about that. You don't even acknowledge it. You feminists make us men out to be monsters, you feminists only fight for yourselves, and you claim to fight for gender equality.

A popular quote in the world says that "if you have food, water, a family and a home to live in, you're luckier than 75% of the world."

There's another Tumblr post, where some user said something like "I know that having a family and a home and food and water makes me luckier and richer than 75% of the world, but that doesn't mean I can't be sad. Privileged people can be sad too."

And then Tumblr users will say, "You men don't know how lucky you are to not suffer from periods."

You're right; just because you're privileged doesn't mean you can't be sad. That wasn't the purpose of telling you that you were luckier than 75% of the world. The purpose of telling you that you were luckier than 75% was to tell you that you should be thankful for the home you live in, the food you eat, the family around you - THAT'S the meaning of the post. But Tumblr again completely missed that meaning completely.

Tumblr argues that being privileged doesn't mean you can't be sad. Then they start insulting men because they don't suffer from periods like you girls do. The girls start belittling the men's problems, saying that 'at least you men don't bleed out every month'. You argue that being privileged doesn't mean you can't be sad, then you say men can't be sad because they don't have periods. What kind of logic is that?

Tumblr girls again only consider one side of the problem: their side.

Moving on to another Tumblr post.

Someone once posted something like, "Don't assume that just because a girl is angry, it instantly means she's on her period."

Well, if you girls didn't always complain about your dumb periods, maybe men wouldn't come to that conclusion in the first place.

Point is, you girls make yourselves out to be helpless victims when you complain about how girls are discriminated against, about how girls have to suffer from periods, and then when men gives the suggestion that you are helpless victims, suddenly you women are vicious beasts that can't be bowled over.

Finally, I want to talk about the movie Frozen. I don't get why that movie was such a big hit. Sure, it had some good moments here and there, but in my opinion, it was just an okay-movie. It wasn't some particularly amazing stuff, yet for some reason it's the biggest thing to ever happen to the world. Why? Because apparently Princess Elsa must be the first and only feminist princess in the world. People on Tumblr go crazy over her every action.

One Tumblr user mentioned how, at the end of the movie, when Hans is unsheathing his sword to kill Elsa from behind and Elsa doesn't move even though she heard it, it's because Elsa accepts death after what she thought she did to her sister. And people are making such a big deal about that. First of all, so what? If Elsa was a man, I bet Frozen wouldn't be as popular. No one would make a big deal about a man accepting death for killing his brother or anything - at least not as many as the people right now.

One of the reasons Frozen was so popular was because Disney was smart enough to sneak in feminist themes and scenes. If Elsa and Anna were men, let's face it, the movie wouldn't even be half as popular and feminists would be kicking up a storm about how yet another movie was belittling girls and making men out to be heroes and stuff like that.

And that concludes my rant. If you've skipped all the way down to this part, shame on you; read it again, because it's got a lot of juicy stuff that is guaranteed to make you angry at me. If you've read all the way down here, thank you, and I hope you take the time to consider what I've said here. Take the time to consider all the people you forget when you argue about rrapists and gays and non-vegans and bullies and Christians and about your so-called fight for gender equality.

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