The Old Oak Tree

The Old Oak Tree

My second poem of all the poems I wrote this summer. :)

Chapter 1

The Old Oak Tree

The Old Oak Tree

I wander around the old, old park
I find the withering old oak tree
It has served as a mark
For people like me.

I remember the story my grandmother used to tell me
When she had met the perfect boy
Under that old tree
And experienced her first love's joy.

I remember the story of my childhood
When I had climbed this tree
And picked apples to be my food
And enjoyed being free.

I remember the time when I hung out here
After a tiring school day
I could see almost the whole town crystal clear
Watching other children play.

I remember the time I met other girls and boys
When we were always in a happy mood
And experiencing the joys
Of our precious childhood.

I remember the time when I met the girl I love
Under that old tree in spring
We saw a dove
Across the sky it was flying.

I remember the time when my love had failed me
I had let out all my sadness and sorrow
Under that old oak tree
I let it all go.

I could still remember my feelings of glee
Of love, of sadness, all my memories
Under that old oak tree
The tree that tells of different stories.


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