Her Beautiful Black Mane

Her Beautiful Black Mane

Just wanted to write some emo poem. Just comment to say if I'm pretty good at it! :)

Chapter 1

Her Beautiful Black Mane

Her Beautiful Black Mane

I see her standing
At the edge of the garden
An east wind is blowing
A cold and bitter storm's omen.

I see her beautiful black mane
Flying in the wind effortlessly
Despite the sudden pouring rain
She turns around slowly.

Her eyes were a shade of depressing blue
Her cheeks were flushed with exhaustion
Her face was of a sad hue
I felt as if she was a mere vision.

She silently pleaded for my rescue
She told me her unspoken story
She told me silently, "I need you"
She had quietly said sorry.

Her black flowing mane
Shone in the dark of the night
Suddenly I felt pain
Upon realizing I knew her by sight.

She was shaking in unbearable pain
It was all too late
She was draped in her beautiful black mane
She had reached life's final gate.

Until now I cry in regret that her life was over
I had let her die in that cold, bitter night rain
Alas, I will forever remember
Her beautiful black mane.


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