The Hideaway

The Hideaway

Elliot Spencer has a best friend, Monica Jenkins. And together they discovered a secret place in the forest, a swimming hole. One day, Monica uses a rope tied to a tree to go over the other side. But Elliot thinks it's too late for him to save her when...

Chapter 1

Too Late To Save Her

"MONICA!" Elliot grabbed at the wind to reach for Monica's hand, to save her from falling in the deep swimming hole.

But it was too late; she already screamed, and the rope wasn't in front of him anymore. He stood speechless, too shocked to know what just happened, while his hands were still in the air. It seemed like time just froze, and only the sound of the hummingbirds told him that it didn't.

He couldn't believe his eyes; just a minute ago he dared Monica to hang on the rope to reach the other side. Suddenly she let out a scream as the rope let itself go from the tree. She ended up in the swimming hole, trying to reach Elliot's hand, but it was all too late, and Elliot never got to save her just in time.

He fell on his knees, cursing under his breath while crying at the same time. She drowned because of him. He made her do it in the first place, and he didn't get to save her. He began beating his fist on the ground and cursing louder than ever.

He replayed the terrible scene in his head while he closed his eyes, regretting every moment he spent unsuccessfully grabbing at Monica. Now she wouldn't be able to have some wonderful dinner at their house, or get to audition for the school play, or to take the final exam of the school year.

"Elliot," He heard a sudden whisper. He noticed that he unconsciously turned around while he was crying. Looking behind him, he saw the angelic, cheerful face of Monica Jenkins, his best friend. "I'm still alive." She said a bit louder, smiling softly.

Suddenly Elliot hugged her tightly and heaved a sigh of relief. "You knew how to swim, didn't you, Monica?" He asked her, tears of joy streaming down his cheeks as he felt Monica's soaked skin touching his.

"Of course," She smiled to herself. Then for the first time since she almost drowned, they finally cherished the wonderful sounds of their hideaway, the place they loved most.


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