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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

It was pretty hard getting past all the guards and soldiers without getting noticed. Rosalie was doing her best to try to shoo her guild away from the trail we were taking though some were still wandering close to us.

We continued walking through the afternoon. I've never been this far into the kingdom before and I was surprised on how vast it was. I could see a bustling town through the gaps between the shops. It made me slightly sad, knowing that I'd never be able to experience the fun.

It felt like the day would never end. Elliott and I had reached the castle and were starting to slow down. I was exhausted but Elliott still kept moving fast.

"It's about sunset, you must be hungry. Wanna take a break?" He stopped moving and looked at me. I would have answered quicker but I was too engrossed with the townsfolk's conversations.

"I heard that girl is out of arms. Pretty scary isn't it?" a women's voice mumbled.

"Yes, I don't know much about this girl though."

I looked back at Elliott.

"Look how popular you are. We should probably get going before they ask for your autograph."

I fell to the ground and rolled up into a ball against a wall.

"My legs feel like jelly and I'm starving and exhausted. Can we rest for a bit?" Elliott sat next to me and opened the bag. He pulled out some food for me and I quickly started scarfing it down.

"You aren't hungry?" I asked him with a full mouth. He shook his head. I turned back to my sandwich and continued eating. I looked up at the sky. It was just turning autumn so the sky was dark amber color, the pollution creating the darkness. Seeing the orange color reminded me of when I was younger, running in the field with my baby brother and my parents. Before they went evil, they'd always take me and my brother to the field when we'd cry and get upset. It makes me wish we were all a normal family again. It makes me with I hadn't given up my brother. Who knows where he's at now.

~~~~Author's Note~~~~

It took me forever to right this since I'm losing interest in the story ._. I know what I want to happen but the long process to get to it sucks. Do you guys want me to continue?

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