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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Elliott pulled through the crowd, his tight grip almost piercing my skin. We ran into a garbage alley and hid behind a couple of garbage piles and waited for the mob to leave. The sounds of the metal armor and weapons shuffling as they ran scared me. It made me think about what would happen if I was actually captured.

"Are we just gonna stay here?" I asked Elliott.

"Rosalie will come and scare them off and then we can go," Elliott explained, peeking out of the pile of trash.
Rosalie has been one of my friends for the longest time. She's a part of one of the strongest, toughest knight guilds in Escalea. She was a co-leader and the master of a tribe within the guild so everyone had to listen to her.

"What do you guys think you're doing?" Rosalie's loud voice told us she's close. I could hear her heels clanking as she came closer. "I didn't tell you to go rummaging through garbage. She obviously went the other direction!" The knights shot up from looking through the dumpster and bowed down to her.

"We apologize, Miss Maubenc," they said in unison as they ran past her, out into the town. She waited for all of them to leave the alley and then walked closer to where we were hiding.

"Hey, guys," she whispered, crouching down to see Elliott and I. "The knights will probably be looking for you all day so you're gonna need a good place to stay." She pulled out a ripped, old, map of the kingdom. She showed it to us.

"You need to stay away from the castle and the knight's quarters at all times," she pointed north of the map where the two were drawn. "But there's a trail behind the castle that leads to a vacant church and graveyard. No one knows about it so it'll be good to stay there." She then drew a circle, pointing out where we were currently at then handed the map the Elliott.

"You better stay with her the entire time, El," she mumbled to him. He smiled and nodded. She then ran off with her tribe. I looked over at Elliott.

"I guess we should get going,"

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