Losing My Mind (A Poem Diary)

Chapter 1


Okay, so i decided to keep a diary of poems. I am going to write what i want to write and write how i feel. I may not be able to title all of these poems. They are like my emotions. They twist beyond recognition. Keep in mind that posting this online is very scary for me. Opening up like this can be very scary, and i want all of you to be aware of that. I'm not trying to say anything like "this is a very brave decision on my part" or anything like that. I honestly feel like i need to do this. Here is your chance to get to know me. Honestly, i'm not even sure if i can say that i'm the girl that i was a few months ago. Everything feels like it's constantly changing. So, if you will judge me on anything, then judge me on what i post here. This is where i will post honest things. If you have any questions, then just let me know.

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