Wild West Group Story Sign Ups (Authors Chosen)

I'm goin crazy but I just love the wild west
this is gonna be fun

Chapter 1

Wild West

1874, a mid-year of the Old West; Time of cowboys, saloons and gunslingers. In the old town of Mustang, a great danger is upon the people; The Five Scorpions. The Five Scorpions are a dangerous group of outlaws who terrorize the town. They spend their days robbing the bank, holding up the saloons, and terrorizing the citizens in general. Six unlikely friends band together to find the secret hideout of and destroy The Five Scorpions.

The six are different in every way possible. There is...

The Outlaw- The outlaw is a mysterious stranger who rides into Mustang on horseback. Nobody knows anything about the outlaw, or what they did to get run out of their old town. The outlaw joins the team for personal reasons against The Five Scorpions, that they can decide for himself. This character has no relations in the town, and can be a male or a female.

The Sheriff- The sheriff is the leader of Mustang, and is being questioned on their position of authority on account of The Five Scorpions continuously ransacking the town. The sheriff is under a lot of pressure, and must prove himself by joining the team to catch The Five Scorpions. This character knows everybody in the town fairly well, but is looked down upon by some. Have relations with the hired gun, as they are the one that hired them. Can be male or female, but preferably male.

The Saloon Girl- The saloon girl is a pretty girl working as a waitress and singer in the saloon. She is often flirted with and near abused often, and has the option of being a retired prostitute or still one in the background. She doesn't think highly of her job(s) and doesn't have enough money to buy a horse and all the necessary supplies to leave Mustang and find a better place. She joins the team to get her share of the reward money to leave town. The saloon girl may have relations with people around town, or regular visitors to the saloon. Must be a female.

The Farmer/Rancher- The farmer is someone who lives a little off the town and grows crops to sell in town, or the rancher, who herds and sells cattle or horses. This character would likely own and ride a horse, and not have very much money. The farmerrancher joins the team to get his/her share of the money to expand his/her farm, or because they are needed and skilled at caring for the horses they ride. The farmer/rancher is friendly with people in town, and can be male or female./

The Cowboy/girl- The cowboygirl is a worker for the farmer/rancher. They herd the cattle around the fields and tend to them, while the farmer/rancher works with the horses. The cowboy/girl is skilled at riding a horse and is a fast rider, also good with a lasso. The cowboy/girl joins the team for the money and to accompany the farmer/rancher, also for his/her riding skills. The cowboy/girl has relations mainly with the farmer/rancher and can be male or female./

The Hired Gun- The hired gun is a bounty hunter who is both hired and willing to hunt down The Five Scorpions. They personally hate them, but also need to be paid in order to work. The hired gun is skilled with a gun and is therefore needed on the team, and is hired by the sheriff. The hired gun can be male or female.

The six unlikely friends must work together to ride through the hot desert, rest on the roads and in different towns and save each other from different gangs. If they work together, they can stop The Five Scorpions and bring peace back to the town of Mustang.



1. I would like unexpected relationships to happen between the characters, but it probably all should be straight (much to my sadness) since this takes place back in the days when that was totally not okay (like, you could be hanged and stuff) so i need three girls and three boys. If not enough people sign up or if I don't like a lot of the characters, I'll probably take away two of the roles (most likely the farmer and the sheriff)
2. Have characters be very different! They all have very different roles in society and should have different personalities!
3. No perfect characters, or appearances. Even the saloon girl should have appearance flaws. No saying beautiful, though pretty and cute are acceptable.
4. Choose your role wisely. If you already see a lot of people have signed up as, example, the hired gun, then don't do that. Choose wisely, as you have a much better chance of being accepted into the story if you have a different role then the other entries.
5. Be realistic with weapons. Honestly, nobody would have a sword or a bow. It's all guns.
6. No fairies or mythical creature heritage please.
7. Stick to the time period when it comes to clothing and name and even appearance. Nobody in the Wild West has jeans and a leather jacket. Most men in the old west would have some sort of plaid flannel shirt, vests or jackets, boots, chaps, that sort of thing. Women would have similar, unless you're the saloon girl. Then you go with the feather in your hair and corset and wide skirt, but when they actually go out you'd probably dress differently. As for names, stick to more old-fashioned ones and realistic last names. No Moxie Cherrytree please or anything like that.
8. When it comes to horses, you should only really have one if you are the outlaw, the farmer/rancher or the cowboy/girl. It's optional (but you wouldn't be amazing on one) if you are the sheriff or the hired gun, and you may not have one if you are the saloon girl. Don't worry, you get one eventually if you don't have one to start out with, because you'll be riding one. Also, the horses ridden during the wild west include quarter horses, paints, appaloosas, mustangs, american saddlebreds and morgans. Put the breed of the horse and it's name and appearance in your form where it asks for that info.
9. I've probably said this already, but just be unique with appearances! I'd like for every character not to have black hair and green eyes, please! AND DETAILED CHARACTERS! I LOVE DETAILED CHARACTERS!
10. Have different personalities from one another, ones that relate to your role. Examples: Outlaw; Mysterious, cool, independent. Sheriff; Leaderly, anxious, courageous. Saloon Girl; Cute, friendly, sassy. Rancher; Caring, smart, easygoing. Cowboy; Adventurous, outgoing, fun. Hired Gun; Snarky, clever, loyal. Those are all just basics you should follow.


-Character Form (please use this one, and detail everything)-

Name -
Nickname -
Age - (16-25)
Gender - (read rule 1)
Role -
Height -
Weight - (realistic)
Appearance -
Personality - (read rule 10)
Clothing - (read rule 7)
Weapon - (read rule 5)
Horse - (read rule 8)
Love Interest - (say a preferred role if you have one, or just say a character in the story)
Other -


-My Character-

Name - Ellie Rogers
Nickname - Emma Clark is her alias. It's the name she tells everyone so that nobody recognizes her.
Age - 19
Gender - Female
Role - Outlaw
Height - 5'5
Weight - 133 lbs
Appearance - Ellie has shoulder blade length dark ginger hair that is slightly wavy and messy, with some darker and some lighter natural highlights. Her eyes are light blue-green with a dark teal rim and lighter silver flecks, lines in long dark lashes. She has a decent tan due to being in the sun every day of her live, but many light freckles across her nose and cheekbones. She has a soft jaw line and high cheekbones and a normal-sized, straight nose. Her eyebrows are slightly more brunette then her hair and arched. She is about average height, maybe a bit taller, with pretty fortunate curves. She is overall quite pretty, but hardly lets anyone notice before she shoots them for staring too long.
Personality - Ellie is fairly quiet and when interrogated or catcalled, she'll often just walk away boredly. She's pretty good at managing her temper nowadays after what happened back home, but certain things can break her and cause her to become extremely violent. She is mysterious when it comes to questions about her home life, and she isn't a very romantic type. She has trouble dealing with peoples feelings towards her, and she usually ends up just abandoning them or hurting them both emotionally and physically. If challenged with weapons, she isn't afraid to back down from a gunfight as she is quite skilled with hers. Overall, she is independent and stubborn as good a fighter as a hired gun, just in her own ways, and isn't a bad person to have on your side, as long as you never betray her.
Clothing - Ellie wears a red and white plaid flannel-type, light-weight long-sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up into cuffs, with a dark brown leather vest. She wears simple brown riding pants and brown leather cowgirl boots with some light brown stitching design. The thing Ellie never likes to take off is her dad's old cowboy hat, which is extremely worn down and the buckle is tarnished, but it reminds her of home.
Weapon - One of the last ever Colt Navy guns, she wears it in a holster strapped to her hip. She's quite skilled with it and no longer minds the loud sound of the gun. She carries extra ammo as well.
Horse - Ace, her red and white dapple Appaloosa. He's been a great horse her whole life who grew up with her, and he has carried her with his strong legs and fast speed for all of her journeys.
Love Interest - Preferably the hired gun or the cowboy/girl, but it doesn't matter as much.
Other - She will never tell anyone why she was actually left her town rather then being run out, until she really trusts them.


I know it's a lot to read but I really, really hope people sign up! This could be really fun!



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