Dear Elise (original story)

Dear Elise (original story)

Writing letters is the only way Alison can communicate with her ex-best friend, Elise. With her emotions bottled up inside her she lets her feelings pour into her letter, revealing the pain and destruction that is her life.

Word count: 536 words!

Chapter 1

The Letter

Dear Elise,

I know writing letters is old-fashioned but it's our only method of communication now, if you can even call it that. Do you remember the hours we spent in the stationary shops? You always fussed over notepaper. I've still got the pink paper with the owls on it that you bought me for my fourteenth birthday. I still love it, I just don't use it any more. I have a fear of it running out.

I'm not writing to reminisce. You know that. I've just been feeling very down recently. I miss our friendship, I have ever since our conflicting destinies cut it short. Maybe we were never meant to be friends, maybe we were, but just ultimately meant to be torn apart.

We were doing shapes again in maths. I know I'm just projecting my feelings onto inanimate objects but I think it's sad that parallel lines have so much in common, yet they never cross.

I went to our special place again today. The little corner of colour amidst our grey world. The place we dubbed The Swimming Hole. The place we spent so many evenings under the broad sunlight, toes dipped in the cool water as we sat in companionable silence. We were content with each other's company in a way I still can't entirely explain.

I wasn't feeling great, as I said. My family are surprised I can still go there, what with the memories that place holds. It hurts me not in a physical way, but the kind that makes my heart feel so heavy with all the pain and memories. It's like it could drop straight out of my chest like a stone.

I found myself thinking about everything – you and me and us. Reality is water that washes over me most of the time. Today it drowned me.

I held the rope we played on when we were children, swinging over The Swimming Hole like we were invincible to the rest of the world. It was on the last night of your mere fifteen year life that you proved our dreams of invincibility wrong.

You used that very rope.

You left everyone wondering why. You left me in dust, surrounded by people who felt like strangers. You held me as I swam in a hypothetical ocean, leaving me just as I got the deepest part before you disappeared. I choked on the water that suddenly felt so foreign to me.

I still cry for you, Elise. Every day I cry for you, because I care, more than you ever saw. My care was the kind that even though we can't talk any more I still find myself caring for you so deeply. I wonder where you are every day before I go to bed. I wonder if you're okay. I hope with all my heart that you are.

There's something sadder than parallel lines – intersecting lines. We met each other, made an impact that could never be taken back. Then, just like that, we broke apart, continued in the path destiny pushed us never to meet again.

That destroys me, in ways I can't explain. Selfish as it is, I hope you know that.



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