ABC Repost


Chapter 1


Available: Yuhp
Birthday: 27, November
Crushing on: Well, Ehhh.
Drink last had: Erm, That was yesterday. So no idea. I don't feel the need to drink stuff.
Easiest person to talk to: All of my friends.
Fav song: Um, it changes week to week. So right now. Erm, Afterlife by A7X
Giggling: Ner :3
Hometown: O.O In Jayentopia. :')
In love with someone: Erm.
Killed someone: Depends, I've killed someone in my mind :3
Longest car ride: I don't even know :O
Milkshake flavour: Vanilla. Chocolate is ew.
Number of siblings: Erm, Sadly. I have lets see 1 2 3 4. Yeah 4!
One wish: Help anyone that's in need of help :3
Person that called me last: My mother.
Reason to smile: Friends.
Song that I last sang: Remembering Sunday, By All time low.
Time I woke up today: like 10-11am
Underwear colour: That's kind of weird. O.o I don't even know. I think green O.o
Vegetable: Carrots!
Worst habit: Bting my nails. And looking like a dadgum potato.
X-rays done: a lot. O.o
Years living where I live: 13!
Zodiac sign: I forgot Dx

Random questions:

Spell my name without vowels: Jydn
Color I wear the most: Erm Redish pinkish
Favorite thing to do: Music, photography, All dat chiz. Etc
Favorite class in school: Geography!
When do I go back to school: Sometime is August.
Am I dating anyone: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ME? Funny.
Can I dance: ANOTHER FUNNY QUESTION. Every time I would take a step automatically a wall would be there -.-
Tie a cherry stem in my mouth: Without looking like a paralyzed donkey, Nope.
Whistle: No Dx it sucks cause every time I wanna kill someone I would whistle the hunger games whistle. But sadly I can't. Every time I try it looks like I'm trying to spit my tongue out.
Cross my eyes: Yup
Curl my tongue: Yesh, but again I look like a paralyzed donkey.
Temperature outside: 75-80 idk
Cried over the opposite gender: Nuuuu
Do songs make me cry: Yash!
Height: 6ft.
Kissed someone: Haha nuuuuuuu.


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