Roped into a Remembrance

Summary: Memories are one of life's finest things and when certain moments come around. We have others to thank for. Rebeca, a 17 year old girl born and raised in New Jersey had her high school years fading behind her and with only the summer and one year left to spare, her best friend helped her create the best memory yet. It was more memorable than prom and homecoming and college acceptance combined because her friend did something for her that Rebeca thought never could happen.

Chapter 1

Flash Fiction Story (599 words)

It was the summer of 2002 in New Jersey. The air around us was sticky like bubblegum but also hot with a blazing sun on this Fourth of July. I was sitting in my bedroom when the phone rang. My eyes flickered towards the corded phone before pushing myself up. With my shorts sticking to the sides of my thighs, I got to the phone; I picked it up and the phone slipped out of my hands from the sweat on them.

"Hello?" I inquired.

"Rebeca! It's me Whit. What would you say if I told you we're going to the swimming hole today?" My best friend questioned, squealing slightly.

I sighed and ran a hand through my mousy hair, "I'd say you're crazy. It's so hot Whitney."

"Exactly!" Whitney exclaimed, "Plus a bunch of us soon to be seniors are going, including you know who."

"Voldemort?" I asked, joking back.

Whitney huffed, "No Rebeca. Conner is going to be there with his friends and I need to talk to Conner desperately."

"Is it a life or death situation?" I questioned before it dawned on me, "Wait is Harold going to be there?"

"I would say so." Whitney responded smugly and I knew she had a smirk on her face now.

I sighed pursing my lips nodding, "Okay okay. I'll meet you there. I just have to put my swimsuit on under my shorts and tank."

"Great! You're the best!" Whitney cheered before hanging up.

I chuckled, placing the phone back on its base before walking over to my drawers to find my red and white striped bikini top and red bottoms. It only took me seconds to put this on and put my clothes back on over it. Soon, I was outside with my bare feet walking down the gravel road towards the wooded area where the swimming hole was. It was only a slight walk, but I reached the entrance of the forest a moment later. I noticed Whitney flirting with Conner. I cleared my throat and the whole group looked up as Harold stepped forward, "Looks like the last one of us is here."

I smiled and waved at the group, who took off deeper into the woods, leaving Harold and I behind. He chuckled and looked at me with those blue eyes and midnight waves, "Today's the day we're jumping from the rope."

My brown eyes widened while Harold nudged my shoulder before I started to jog to the small cliff above the swimming hole myself. Harold was right on my heels and when we reached the group half of them were already in the water. One by one people continued to swing and let go of the rope hooting and hollering. I was the last 'man' standing and my whole body was shaking. The whole soon to be senior class knew about my fear of heights.

"Jump!" Whitney chanted, "Jump! Jump! Jump!"

I took a breath, closing my eyes before backing up. I knew that this had to be done. I sprinted towards that rope and grasped onto it as it swung me over the swimming hole and I let go. I let go and the only thing that happened was a splash. When I came back up to the surface, my lips were met by someone else's. Harold's. They were Harold's lips. This was a huge set up made by Whitney for me to get my first kiss and get over my fear of heights. It was the best memory I have and I have my best friend to thank for that.


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