My Name

Chapter 1

My Name

by: x_i_am_x
You can take my name,
You can take my life.
Let's all play a game,
Involving daddy's knife.
Come along, hide the shame,
I want you to be my wife.

Now my visions are set in stone,
Alex is my name, Fletcher is a word.
I don't think my house is like a home,
Cause daddy weaves lies, majorly absurd.
Calm yourself and change your tone,
"Dillon, please!" is all I heard.

You need a doctor baby, you scared?
You need to take a deep breath, cry.
You need a love that isn't shared,
You need to lie down, close your eyes and die.
You need to think that, she cared,
Fall, fall, oh but you can't fly.


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