That Awkward Moment....


Chapter 1

cept it isn't all that awkward.....

Alright. So, I'm a stage crew person in our school play, and it's High School Musical in case you were wondering. So, there are these two high schoolers helping out crew: Alex and Emily. I don't know either of them well enough to call them friends, but acquaintences is too hard to spell so we'll go with friends..... Anyways, crew consists of me, my friend, these two junior/sophomores (IDK which), and my other friend (plus a couple kids I don't count because they associate with the actors....) Our play is going horrendously.... Funny, I could spell that and not aquaintences. Lol. Anyways, I am operating the spotlight in the lighting box, where all the (any guesses? that's right, LIGHTS!) are located. So, Alex is the person who is operating these lights (the house lights, I'm the spotlight).

So, my issue is that I am developing a crush on Alex, but I don't wanna have a crush on him because he is a high schooler and he is gonna end up being my friend (long complicated story) and I already have a crush on someone else. Unfortunately, I can't really help it because he is beautiful (I would say hot but I don't like calling people hot) He is though....

Yeah, so I don't actually know what I am asking here, but yeah......

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