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Chapter 1

Sign Ups

I'm doing a Hunger Games group story.
Your character will be a tribute from a different district. I'm only allowing 11 authors. You will each have two characters both will be a tribute from a different district. Like in the games their age has to be between 12 and 18. So here are my characters from district 12

Female tribute:
Autumn Taylor
Age: 12
District: 12
Siblings: Naomi (16), Hayden (18)
Abilities: hunting, climbing, crafting, bow and arrow
Personality: kind, brave, smart, courageous, fearless

Male tribute:
Caleb Locket
Age: 17
District: 12
Siblings: Lux (12), Faith(14), Faryn(14) and Paxton (18)
Personality: Nice, open minded, honest
Appearance: Brown hair, Brown eyes,

Okay those were my characters. And when you write chapters write the character's name, district and a subtitle (optional)
Please enter:)


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