Randi, the Red-Lipped Rock Star

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Chapter 1

The Christmas Twists

"Oh my God, Payton!" Cori sighed, twirling her red hair around her finger. "That name is horrible. Like, who ever heard of a band called the Candy Canes?"

Payton, toned and muscled and brunette, responded, "Well, I know it's tacky, but it's catchy, too. Just deal, Cori."
Corianna, with her curly, wild mane of frizzy hair, had hazel eyes and a long, Grecian nose. "I'm not singing in a band called the Candy Canes, period, okay?"

"Calm down, guys. It's just a name." Donna, with her black hair and heavily lidded eyes was cool and collected as she calmed down the bickering Cori and Payton.

"Just a name?" Another girl-- Danielle, with caramel hair and creamy skin-- jumped in, protesting. "I'm agreeing with Cori. Our name is everything. I'm the percussionist, right?"

"Well, duh, Danni."
"If Cori's not singing, I'm not drumming. The Candy Canes... uh, Payton, that's not a good name!"

"Yeah, Payton. Can you say cliche?" Cori jumped in.
"Cliche." Payton defiantly glared at Cori, her brown eyes fierce. "It's Christmas! C'mon, guys! Dabbie? Calla? Blaise, or Danielle?"

Blaise, with her electrically blonde hair, shrugged. "I don't think it's bad, actually."
"Well, I do!" Cori protested.

"So do I." Calla, strawberry blonde and wide-eyed, leapt in. "How about--"

Here's where I come in.
I'm the one in the corner-- the backup singer to Cori and Blaise. I'm Rhonda Fuller, but everyone calls me Randi... not that they care, anyways.

I used to be best friends with Calla Cornick, the guitarist, in elementary school. But now we're all in high school. I began to wear all black-- not in an emo way, but more like in a John Lennon fashion statement way... and stark red lipstick, contrasting with my pale skin. People told me that I looked like a wannabe vampire, and Calla let me into their exclusive group out of pity.

"Danielle!" Payton is currently fuming, "What are you talking about?! Do you have any better ideas?"

"Um, yes! Anything's better than the Candy Canes." Danielle muttered.
"Just be quiet, okay?" Blaise snapped. "Payton's idea was good."
Dabbie says, "No way, Blaise."

"Everybody, quiet down." Donna finally shouts over all of the fighting happening. "I think that we all should have a say in this." Donna's a natural leader, something I admire in her; she's probably my closest friend at school these days.

"Everyone, when it's your turn, come up with an original name for the band." She decides. "Let's start with Calla."

"The Miracles of the Lights." Calla says firmly. Payton burst out with derisive laughter.
"Hey, be quiet, Payton!" Danielle defends her friend.

Donna's serene voice cuts through the rising voices. She scribbles down, The Miracles of the Lights in a black spiral notebook.

"Next, how about Cori?"
"The Stocking Stuffers!"
"Cookies for Santa!"
"The Stars of David?"

"Candy Canes."
"Holiday Festivities,"
"The Christmas Lights!"
"The Carols of Christmas."

The list was complete. Except-- "We seem to be missing one. C'mon, Randi, don't be shy!" Donna says.

I say, "Fine. How about the Christmas Twists?"
"Oh, I actually kind of like that name." Calla says.

"Yeah, it's pretty gorgeous..." admits Payton. "Better than the Candy Canes, at least."
"Anything's better than the Candy Canes." Cori mutters, but she agrees that my name is awesome.

Our band was officially named the 'Christmas Twists!'

"Deck the halls with boughs of holly,"
"Fa la la la la, la la, la, la!"
"'Tis the seaon to be jolly,"
"Fa la la la la, la la, la, la!"
"Don ye now our gay apparel,"
"Fa la la la la, la la, la, la!"
"Join us now in Yuletide carol!"
"Fa la la la la, la la, la, la!"

That's what Cori, Blaise, and I sounded like together. Well. Cori and Viola, mainly. I was their backup singer, I know, but I felt like a useless piece of equipment that nobody needed for their machines.

Especially when everyone else is working hard, playing their own respective instruments, making sure that they were invaluable and needed.

I was not.
"We sound great, guys!" Donna exclaims, "Great job, Viola, on that piano solo. We're great to go for the Christmas Ball!" Donna's sister lined up a gig for us at the City Hall's annual fancy Christmas bash, and we were to be playing for three hours straight that night.

"Thanks, Donna." Viola glows.
Donna goes on to say, "Danni, cool drum set improv! You're really improving. Leaps and bounds!"

"Really? Aw, thanks!" Danielle exclaims. Donna compliments every single member of the band but me-- because, of course, I'm just that useless backup singer, good for absolutely nothing.

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