To Live Another Day

Just a sweet innocent girl.
Just a innocent girl.
Just a girl.
Just a....
The world went to hell, and she was abandoned as dead weight. So, with the shear anger of their doubt, she survives and thrives. Too bad they died before they saw her again.

Chapter 1

Good Morning, World, and Anyone Who's Still Alive


Bu-Bump Bu-Bump Bu-Bump

Her heart pounded furiously, but not in fear. But because of the shear adrenaline pumping through her veins. She used to be afraid of these things, these things that should be dead. She had protection then. Someone to comfort her when she was scared. But, in her time of need, they left her. They left her while she was asleep, with just enough to survive about two days.

She was so afraid when she woke up, she sobbed quietly. Knowing noise would simply make her a target. After she cried herself dry, she gathered the supplies that were left for her into her nearly empty backpack. She gathered all the supplies they either forgot or didn't find. She had the single wood baseball bat they left in case she'd try her luck to survive. The bat itself was splintering, probably wouldn't last long.

She barged out. At first, she doubted she'd survive. She wasn't small by any means, but she wasn't strong and she was used to having someone help her. But, about an hour after she left, pure rage set in. Then she was attack by a group of about six of those things. With her bat, she managed to slaughter them. However, as she delivered the last blow to the last one, the bat shattered into wooden splinters in her hands.

Furious, and inappropriate attire. She pulled the clothes off one of them. A tank top, cargo shorts, boots, and a hoodie. The clothes were a bit big on her, but the boots surprisingly fit. She searched the others, finding a wallet with some money, a pocket knife, and a wallet chain. She trudged on, anger pushing her forward. Her new pride wanted to find her group, prove them wrong, then slash them. Or maybe tie them to tree in the middle of the woods, and take all their supplies. Laughing as she walked away.

That was four years ago. And now, she simply trudged on. Those old grudges were long gone. For she found her old group days after she went on. She found them slaughtered, eaten to the point that they wouldn't reanimate. She thought she'd be satisfied. But then the horror set in on her. She had fallen to her knees and she sobbed, like she had days before. If they hadn't left her, would she be dead too? It was like they, without realizing, saved her life. She had been so angry, so furious. Yet, she was once again reduced to a sniveling little girl. By the hands of the very same people.

After she once again cried herself dry, her anger and rage was renewed. She vowed to them that she'd live on for their memory. She'd survive so their memory wouldn't die with her. She slaughtered any of those things she came across, for them. Each night she managed to find a safe place, she'd dream back to before the world died. When she couldn't she walked through the night, hating every crumbling building around her, the staggering monsters that roamed around her, the ever darkening skies, and the shattered heart that continued to beat in her chest.

She's staggered from deserted cities, to flourishing forests, to empty towns. It was truly horrific in her eyes.

That's why today, that rage still was in the forefront of her mind. Why no walking monster left unscathed, why she hated everything around her and every day she traveled alone.

She bent down to the corpse she just put down, pulling out her knife and carved her first name into its neck.


She smirked, satisfied with it. Her blue eyes glimmering. She stood, fixing her red braid.

She looked down the road she traveled on, seeing no movement, she grabbed her bag and continued on.

She grunted, "Stupid zombies."

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