Writing Contest!!!!! (THE RESULTS ARE IN)

Chapter 1


HI guys! So, there are three sections you can choose from: the group story, the single author story and the poem! Here are the rules for each of the sections!

The Group Story

- Must have at least one chapter written by each author.
-Must have some boy characters and some girl characters.
-In your story you have to have at least 5 words out of the following 15 in it: Snow, candle, golden, forest, tree, music, cottage, squirrel, Christmas, winter, cold, past, guitar, silver, magic.
-No fanfiction!

MAKE SURE YOU TAG IT WITH: Awesome3456storycontestgroup

MAKE SURE IT IS COMPLETED BY: the 20th of December 2013

The Single Author Story

-No fanfiction!
-One of the characters (doesn't have to be the main one) must be called Jay.
-It hast to have at least two chapters.

MAKE SURE IT'S TAGGED WITH: Awesome3456storycontestsingle

MAKE SURE IT'S COMPLETED BY: the 20th of December 2013

The Poem

-Must be at least 18 lines long.
-Has to have at least one of the following words in it: snow, time, nobody, why, Christmas.

MAKE SURE IT'S TAGGED WITH: Awesome3456storycontestpoem

MAKE SURE IT'S COMPLETED BY: the 20th of December 2013

Thanks for reading and good luck!

By the way it would probably be best if you put your entry in today (the 19th of December) because I am choosing tomorrow and we might live in different time zones.

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