Hey, this story is written by my friend Clarisse_Forever and I, so we hope you enjoy this and comment and rate!!!
PS: This is a PJ fanfiction, so we hope u have already read the series, because we won't really do much explaining.

Chapter 1


'' Percy! '' I hollered. '' STOP! No, I- oh, eek, it's freezing! '' Percy and I were in the Camp lake, for free swim, and he was trying to convince me to get in, but it was ''so'' cold, because he turned it cold with his powers.
'' Aw, come on! It's not so- what? '' I had ducked down in the sharp, blasting waves, and was silently swimming towards him. He couldn't see me, I was too far down, and the waves were too high.
'' Annabeth, come out. Seriously, don't- AHHHH! '' I tackled him and brought him under the water. He kicked and squirmed out of my grasp.
We both came up, gasping for air. We locked eyes and started to laugh. I couldn't help it. I laughed until I snorted and I spit out water accidentally.
Percy choked on his laughter and said, '' Come on. Archery is almost starting. We gotta change. ''
I nodded and we got out, dried ourselves with the towels, and got back on the path. Along the way, we dodged spitballs from Travis and snarky remarks from Clarisse. I rolled my eyes at her pitiful imitation of Percy laughing.
'' Hee hee hee, hee, hee, hee! '' she cried. Percy ignored her and gave me a hug.
'' See ya in a bit. '' He shot me a crooked grin and raced off. I smiled, and went to my own cabin.

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