Year of the Robot

Chapter 1

City of Tech

I stared out to the city to people and their robot companions. Most were walking around the city shopping around, some were driving on their electric cars to their work. The nation seemed to progress everyday. I am Callum Ophichui, the president of the United States.

The United States used to be different, according to my grandfather. He’d always talk about how the 2000’s were some great times. He’d talk about the government, the technology, and basic life. He’d always say that it was harder to become the president and that I was lucky to have such a high rank. My grandfather would always talk about the people that he knew and how they weren’t as lazy as the people now. They didn’t have robots, they had themselves. The later
presidents and I did a good job running the United States, if I do say so myself.

“President Ophichui,” Luna, my robot secretary started. “One of the scientists in the lab wanted you. It’s about the robots.” An angry look was on her face. I turned around around from the window to see her.

“What’ wrong? You’re mad?” I asked her. She came to me and pushed me onto the chair next to where I was standing, pinning me.

“What are you planning to do with us? I heard you talking with Vice President Xandrell about robots.” she grumbled. I smirked at her, raising my eyebrows.

“It was nothing, you and your people are fine, Luna. Now let me go, I need to go talk to the scientists.” I pushed her away from as she pouted. I walked away from her and out of the oval office to the science lab. Dr. Fischer had been standing by the doorway waiting for me.

“President Callum! I’m glad you are here. I would like to talk about the production of robots,” he invited me inside the robot production center. He led me towards a hologram computer, showing me a scan on a robot-human’s brain.

“Something in the frontal lobe section of the brain is triggering the robots to act a little weird.” he said. “There’s been some cases with them even murdering people. We think we found the answer to that and we need you to authorize it.” What Dr Fischer didn’t understand was that this was all apart of my plan. When I was small and still in school, I used to get bullied since I was your normal nerdy type of kid. I was a huge teacher’s pet and I used to always get the best grades. I didn’t really have any friends because in our school, no one cared about their work, only me. Their main goal in school was to be popular and bully the nerdy ones. I still remember the threats they used to say to me and I still have most of the scars from their pushing and punching. All these things got worse once I graduated middle school and wanted to run for president. Once I won the elections, I wanted revenge on all the people who hurt me. I may not remember their faces exactly but I know my robots will find them. The downside is that my plan is backfiring and hurting the other citizens which wasn’t really what I intended. I don’t know which exact robot belongs to the bullies so there is no way I can stop what these robots are doing. I at least want my plan to succeed.

“I see. Send it to Congress.I’ll sign the authorization once they’ve agreed with it,” I said. Dr. Fischer gave me a salute and typed in some letters to send it the Congress

“I’ve got some business to take care of, shall we talk later?” I asked him.

“Of course, sir.” he said and let me leave. I walked back to the oval office to see Dr. Santos standing next to my desk, waiting for me to arrive.

“Good afternoon, sir.” he greeted me and I did the same to him. “We know you want our robot population to increase so we’ve been finding some volunteers who are willing to transmute their body’s into a robot.” he explained to me. “There’s a girl I want you to meet. I think she would be a good contribution.” He lead me into the hallway and I followed him.

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