21 reasons why Peter Pan makes a horrible boyfriend

some of these reasons are from Once Upon a Time, making him a bit different from the average, fun loving story book character. The ones from Once Upon A Time will be marked with OUAT.

Chapter 1

why Peter Pan is a bad choice for a boyfriend

1. He stays young forever
2. He's extremely immature
3. If you watch Once Upon a Time, he's a deranged sociopath.
4. He wears tights
5. He ran away, so who knows what type of social problems the kid might have?
6. He flies around, then doesn't tell you how he did it
7. He steals peoples shadows OUAT
8. he steals peoples hearts (literally rips them out of their bodies) OUAT
9. he kidnaps young girls and keeps them in cages OUAT
10. he's a liar
11. you have no idea exactly how old he is
12. he's the father of Rumplestilskin OUAT
13. he watches you as you sleep
14. he likely has no idea how to read
15. he lets you get shot at by cannonballs
16. he allows pirates to kidnap you
17. he cut off a mans hand. then fed it to a ticking crocodile
18. he kidnaps young boys and doesn't let them leave
19. He twists your words against you, forcing you to his side OUAT
20. he thinks he's always right
21. if you did date him, the L-O-N-G distance relationship would never work out anyway


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