Blended Emotions - Original Group Story.

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Chapter 1


'' Oh, look at her hair! Does your grandma style it? It looks like some hipster style from the sixties! '' Michelle Schazer, the queen bee's best friend/wannabee cackled.
I raised my hand to touch my hair. It was in a messy bun, tied with a brown scrunchie and a black elastic. I knew scrunchies were '' out '' in my school now, and were considered fat and ugly. On top of it, I had a bobby pin stuck through the middle of the bun, and bobby pins were also considered '' out '', unless it was a really cute hairstyle, which apparently only the popular girls could pull off.
'' I didn't ask for your opinion, '' I muttered to nobody really, since nobody listened.
'' What was that? '' asked Michelle, cocking her head and widening her eyes mockingly.
I turned my head and yanked my locker door open. I grabbed my math notebook with my geometry homework from last night in it, and my geometry set.
'' You're ''seriously'' going to class? It's Friday, for real, and it's the second last class of the day. Mrs. Maliners hinted a pop quiz, after all. '' That was the queen bee, Skylar Grace, the beautiful doll, who could charm her way into or out of anything.
'' She didn't hint anything, '' I mumbled. Of course, I knew what was coming.
'' You are such an amateur, actually you're a total zero. Of course she told me, no hinting whatsoever. I can get any teacher to spill. '' she smirked.
'' Spill their guts! '' I hissed angrily. I slammed my locker shut, and ran over to class.
The popular group didn't respond, and I even caught a glimpse of their faces. They were all staring, open-mouthed and Michelle even whispered,
'' That was a good one, '' Skylar told her to shut up and flipped her curly red hair over her shoulder. She snapped her fingers and the popular group skimmed down the hall in a formatted group of six. Skylar in front, Michelle and Stacey in the middle, and Hayleigh, Jessica, and Zoee in the back.
Class seemed to drag along for eternity, plus we did have a pop quiz, and when I reached my locker to put my stuff back, there was a note.

''By the way, it was good that you went to class. Word on the street is, you're not doing so well in geometry. Don't ask who I heard from. Ta ta!''

''AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH'' I was going to lose it, I really was. I pounded my fist against my locker, and took a couple of deep breaths. I went to get a drink of water, and then rushed to art early. It was really fun, we presented our water-colour projects, and I was really proud of mine.
The teacher, Ms. Clahrighs, told me I got an A! It was really neat, plus it had to be a form of nature, and so I had chosen water, with a huge blue whale smack in the middle.
But when I came out of class, a girl from my music class told me I had to go to the office immediately. My stomach twisted up into a knot, thinking of anything I had done. I swallowed and nodded meekly.
She gave me a sympathetic smile and left. I walked slowly to the office, expecting the worst. I tensed as I entered the room.
'' Hello, Riley. I'm afraid I have some bad new. ''

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