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Chapter 3

another 5 questions

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Q: I would like to know what your favorite part of the hunt is
A: I love when they put up a fight or try to get away cus once I get them, its all the more enjoyable. I also love watching them cry, bleed and suffer as I stab and cut into them. Its such a beautiful sight. Its even better if there is lots of blood.

Q: Do you put drugs in your eyes? (pasta monsters reference)
A: Holy tits why do we have hair??? theres so much hair! It out numbers us... its gonna take over the world!!!! runs around in circles Wait.... Why am I running?.... stares at you Can I cut off your head and watch it grow back? BEN stops jeff before he cuts your head off

BEN: Sorry about that dudes and lady dudes... I always said Jeff was a light weight when it came to the black stuff man...
Jeff: It'd grow back... I think...
BEN: Nah Dude only pasta monster's heads will grow back.
Jeff:..... rolls around in some blood with a sombrero on
BEN: watches Russian porn on jeff's laptop

Q: Would you rather kiss Jane or tell your biggest crush how much you like them?
A: blushes Well no way in hell am I going to kiss Jane again so I'd go with option number 2.

BEN: is your crush a hot Russian chick?
Jeff: Get out of here BEN! this is my quibblo account, not yours. If you want to talk to these people so much, make your own.

Q: How do you survive the winter?
A: Sleeping in sheds, abandoned houses, tree houses and sheds help a bit as does sneaking into people's basements which i do some times. But what really helps me a lot in the winter is when a friend lets me stay at his or her place for a few days or a week. Luckily for me I have a few people that I have met during my travels who let me do this. I don't abuse the favor though and never stay longer than a few weeks cus I don't want to get them in any kind of trouble or noticed by the law enforcement. And I only stay with these people when the weather gets super bad like it has been lately so don't think I do this all the time cus I don't. Most of the time I rough it out in the world, just me and smile dog who btw is very warm so she helped keep me warm a lot during cold winters. Another thing that I try to do is go south for the winter where it is warmer and less likely to snow. Sadly I didn't make it far enough this year so I'm stuck in my current location for a while. I hope that answers your question.

Q: how did you burn your eyelids off with out any pain?
A: Your kidding right? with out pain?! It fricking hurt so much! My cries of pain were so bad that they woke up my mom. But when your dedicated to something, you fallow threw with it. And I really really really wanted to do this badly. I just had to burn out my eyelids. I started to get tired you see... And I wanted to see the new me forever. The beautiful new me. :)

Do you have any questions for me? Ask them in the comments and I'll answer them as best as I can. :)

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