Jeff the killer Q&A

Ask me your questions and I'll answer as best as I can

Chapter 2

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Q: whats your favorite holiday?
A: Tough question. I'm gonna go with halloween. Its easy to walk around as me with out people freaking out or getting scared. They just assume that I'm dressed up in a really good jeff the killer costume and that makes it easier to sneak around, kill people and pull a few tricks. well actually thinking back, not every one thinks that. This one kid once told me that my cut smile looked fake and kept insulting me and telling me how bad my costume was as if he knew what jeff the killer should look like. As you may guess, that kid is dead now.

Q: what is your favorite color?
A: black and red

Q: Can I be a killer and how?
A: Yes you can probably be a killer if you really wanted to, but I must warn you, its not for every one. You have to be able to kill people with out feeling sadness/regret from what you did, thats what makes you a strong killer, otherwise it will turn you into an emotional reck. You must also not have problems with causing others pain, even when they are screaming, crying, trying to fight back, and bleeding every where. Speaking of blood, some people have a problem with blood and faint upon seeing is so if you are someone like that, killing isn't for you. You will also need a weapon which you know how to use. If you don't know how to use the weapon, don't use it, if it is too heavy for you don't use it. Find something you are comfortable with. For me, thats my knife but for others it is guns, arrows, shaving blades (like Sweeny Todd), swords (i don't recommend this at all. heavy and big), axes, ext. You will also be on the run from cops a lot so be prepared for sleeping in uncomfortable and odd places like a crowded shed, a tree house, under a deck, in a cave, in a hole, literally in a tree, an abandoned house. You will also have to deal with the weather no matter how horrible it make be, and animals. And getting food of course. you may have to eat some one's left overs out of the trash, or steal some food from a store, or even steal fruits and veggies from someone's garden. So if you think you can handle all of that as well as the actual killing and the loneliness, then yes you can be a killer. The best of luck.

Q: Jeff, where did you get your computer from?
A: It used to belong to one of my past lovers. She died of drug over dose one night while we were being stupid and partying hard. Rip Tiffany

Q: I'd like to know if you like apple pie
A: Who doesn't like pie?

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