Jeff the killer Q&A

Ask me your questions and I'll answer as best as I can

Chapter 13

Its a good knife

These were asked by:

Q:Jeff did you really killed your brother liu?
A: As far as I know Liu is dead, He was gushing blood and didn't have a heart beat when I left so I'm gonna go with yea.

Q: Why did you kill liu?
A: Liu heard me killing our parents. I went to his room to calm him down and tell him that it will be all ok. But when I saw him crying and his looks of terror as he looked at me. His looks of hate mixed with fear. He saw me as a monster, no longer his brother. I couldn't stand to see Liu looking like that and it hurt so much how i was suddenly a horrible freak, not his brother any more. After a quick pause to think, I ended his life quickly.

I didn't want him to tell on me nor did I want him to be blamed for the murder.

And even if I left him alive, theres no way his life could of been great after that. Sure Liu could of done many great things, but this memory would of been sure to scar him for life and he'd have no where to go. I just couldn't do that to my brother who has always been there for me. It was a hard decision, but I figured it'd be best if I just saved him from life.
And even today, I don't know if I made the right choice. I miss him terribly.

Q: um hi ACKNOWLEDGE MY EXISTENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and um do u speak any other languages? and um bye
A: CALM THE FECK DOWN YOU CRAZY AS FAN GIRL!!!!!!! Seriously sweet heart, not the way to get my attention. I know english and spanish pretty fluently. Hablo Ingles y espanol con fluidez en su mayoria. And I know Go to sleep in a few languages just in case my victim doesn't speak any english... Go to sleep. Ir a dormir. Geh schlafen.

Q: Also have you ever been in Missouri or are you currently planning on being in the area???????
A: that for me to know and you to find out. >:)

Q: Do you have dolphins? :D
A: ....... Really?,,,,, Dolphins?.... Why would I have Dolphins? Where the hell would I keep them?! In a bag? dolphins are too big to travel with me and you dam fecking know it!!!! I don't have time or space for any freaking dolphins! -_-

Please ask more questions. I'm almost caught up on questions so I'll need more to answer.

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