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Chapter 1

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Q: Whats your favorite way to kill people?
A: I stab and cut away at my victims making sure it is slow and painful as they die, They cry, shake in fear and ask questions as I do so but all i say in return is "shhhh go to sleep". Its even better if there blood splatters out like a horror movie or make pools of blood on the ground. Then after they are dead, I lick my knife clean, climb out the window and disappear into the night as quietly as I first arrived.

Q:How many people have you killed?
A: Hundreds.

Q:What do you do with your victims after you kill them?
A: depends on the situation. If I'm in a hurry to leave, i'll just leave them there where I killed them. Most times I just burry them or feed them to Smile dog. Sometimes I dispose of them in a near by body of water. A few times in my past I used to take them to near by woods or some place like that and burn their dead body and roast marshmallows over them. There is many different things one can do with a dead body.

Q: Do you have any other hobby's than killing?
A: Killing is my favorite thing to do but I has a few other things that I like doing. I enjoy Quibblo, reading creepypasta, darts, billiards, smoking, drinking, watching horror movies and gangster films, as well as tim burton movies, playing video games (mostly pokemon, and the legend of zelda games), partying, drug experimentation, Hookers/ sluts/ lose woman, going on adventures, hanging out with friends, playing with smile dog, fighting, listening to music and watching my little pony. I'm a brony.

Q: Who was the first person you killed?
A: This skater punk as hole named Randy. He was one of the bullies in the new town that I moved to. He stole my brother's wallet, got my brother taken away to JCD and tried to kill me.

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