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Chapter 2

Characters Chosen

Writers: Myself, cjcj, dreamergirl, books, Returned, and cookiemonster617


Name: Ravenna Nani Smith
Nickname: Rave
Age: 17 (Has a late spring birthday)
Gender: Female
Appearance: honey brown long wavy hair that's almost always in a braid, light olive colored skin, deep hazel-amber eyes, 5'4, 110 lbs (on the low end of average but still average), often wears denim faded jeans, flowing tops, comfortable shoes. Almost is always seen with a faint, gentle smile, vague freckles that appear on her nose when she squints or is in the sunlight.
Personality: Quiet yet Daring, Stubborn but Open Minded, Intelligent however lacks common sense, Humble and Kind. Protective yet Insecure, Innocent but self aware, Cautious however adventurous, and last but not least, Clumsy and down to earth.
High School Group: Eco-Friendly/Gardening
Family Background: Has Icelandic, German, French heritage from her mom's side and English, Italian, and Swiss heritage from her dad's side. She has 3 older brothers and one younger sister. Ravenna looks more like her dad and is closest to the youngest of her older brothers, Layton-Age 19.
Ancestor's Name: Hadrian Beham (Ancestor from her mother's side)
Secret That Was Passed Down: Holds Keen Senses (Can hear, see, taste, smell, and sense things others can't but can only use one sense at a time and if she's using her hearing her sight isn't as good.)
Fears: Love, Betrayal, Fire, Darkness, Suffocation, Pain, Other's Deaths, and Failure
Love Interest: Johnny Watson

Name: Johnny Watson
Nickname: John
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: Tall, not skinny, but not overweight. Nor is he in shape. Red hair, freckles, light skin. Brown eyes. Typically wears leather jacket, jeans, work boots, and a pair of sunglasses.
Personality: Not good at remembering facts, but thinks very logically. Good under stress, and can take a leadership position if needed. Likes to have fun with friends, but feels akward at times. Gets Semi-depressed when alone but acts normal in front of his friends. Gets angry when someone he loves gets hurt.
High School Group: Friends with people in every group, but doesn't fit in one himself.
Family Background: His dad is Irish, German, and Canadian. His mom is french and Italian. He has the Irish hair and skin, but an Italian face. Personality of both.His father died of cancer and his older brother committed suicide shortly after. His mother is mentally unstable.
Ancestor's Name: Airo Collinus
Secret That Was Passed Down: His brain can interact with the world around him. Basically telepathy. But its like a muscle, so it gets stronger the more he uses it, but he will get a nose bleed and a headache if he uses it too much.
Fears: Being trapped alone, loosing someone he loves
Love Interest: Ravenna Nani Smith

Name: Dain Carchester
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: Longish blonde hair with streaks dyed black, wears it gelled as if he just woke up, Bright (almost unnaturally so) blue eyes, 6 feet tall, muscular, has smirky smile, Wears jeans, t-shirts, sunglasses, and sometimes wears a leather jacket, always wears something (no matter how small) red
Personality: Kind but doesn't often show it, Intelligent but doesn't like people to know, Cocky, Protective, doesn't over step his boundries, always has some smart aleck comment, Flirt, total romantic
High School Group: Populars/jocks
Family Background: Has French from his Mom's side and Japanese from his dad( The only thing he got from his dad appearance wise is his smirky smile)
Ancestor's Name: Donn Gule (mother's side)
Secret That Was Passed Down: Power over love.
Fears: Mirrors, Tight places, heights, others dying, never finding his significant other
Love Interest: Mimi Liana

Name: Mimi Liana
Nickname: (Optional) none
Age: 17-19 18
Gender: (I need BOYS and GIRLS) female
Appearance: dark auburn hair that is always out, goes down to waist. Has heterochromia, one eye green the other blue. Freckles dot nose and cheeks. Usually wears denim skirts with leggings underneath and a rainbow shirt, with a charm bracelet on left hand.
Personality: (Include Negative and Positive Traits) Happy and Bubbly, but not very smart. Always points out the obvious. Tends to be a bit slow, but always means well. Is not at sport. Not very protective of herself but will put herself on the line for friends.
High School Group: Wierdos
Family Background: Is one quarter Dutch, one Quarter Chinese and one half Australian. Australian from mom, other from Dad.
Ancestor's Name: Philipe Von Duchane (from fathers side)
Secret That Was Passed Down: continued: tends to focus on the obvious things, but in her head works out the less obvious ones.)
Fears: (needs more than one) Needles and Other Sharp Objects, things falling on her, being left behind, not being liked.
Love Interest: Dain Carchester

Name: Natalie Parker
Nickname: Nat, Nattie
Age: 17
Gender: female
Appearance: elbow-length black hair(dreadlocks, usually pulled back in a bandana fashioned as a headband); brown eyes that occasionally get a green tint to them; 5'4"; light skin; typically wears boho chic clothing(a lot of leggings, baggy cardigans, and loose-fitting white blouses)
Personality: socially awkward, not a "go with the flow" kind of person, dramatic, tends to hold grudges for long periods of time, has a lot of self-confidence and loves experimenting and trying new things.
High School Group: "odd one out", musicians
Family Background: mother and father both first-generation Dutch; one younger sister, Georgie(11)
Ancestor's Name: Arabella Cloyd(father's side)
Secret That Was Passed Down: has a psychological connection between plants and animals.
Fears: drowning, loss, the ocean, pain, inability of self-expression, entrapment
Love Interest: Jackson Foster

Name: Jackson Foster
Nickname: Jax
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: Shaggy dark red hair, Brown eyes, he is tall and lean, rosy cheeks and fair skin. He wears khaki cargo pants and plain white t shirts with hoodies on top. He mostly wears loafers or sperry’s with this. If he has a bad hair day, he’ll wear a beanie.
Personality: he is a bit cocky and average IQ. He makes people laugh and can be very helpful and sweet sometimes. He is a little sarcastic too.
High School Group: Swimmers.People who party all the time and like his own clique.
Family Background: His mom is just Italian while his dad is Czechoslovakian. He has an older sister named Darlene and a younger brother named Chezeray.
Ancestor's Name: Emmett Kahwen
Secret That Was Passed Down: Predict what’s coming next. Like if he actually tries and thinks about what will happen, he’ll see it. It’s not like visions or anything. Just insight.
Fears: Dying, failing, failing to save someone, losing, embarrassment,
Love Interest: Natalie Parker

Now for the authors-let me know about your preferred love interest information through a private message. Also I am now open to take title ideas. Thank you all for signing up.

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