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Chapter 1

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In the year of 2020, a secret underneath the grounds of the Great Pyramids is found. This secret is a scroll that holds the truth to all of our lives and its beginnings.

Long ago , back in the 1500s the legacy says was the last time this scroll was founded. The person who had founded it initially turned greedy. His whole life changed-why? He wasn't part of the 6 chosen ones. For when he took the scroll in his hands, this ancient man turned into a terrifying beast. A beast that was half man-half monster, one who's powers were endless. The Earth back then was slowly coming to a stop but when the 6 chosen ones somehow found each other, they learned the truth behind themselves and was able to stop this horrific, never before seen creature and send it back to the hell it came from. There, they decided to hold their experience a secret and hide the scroll so deep beneath the wonder of the world that it would take effort and great time to uncover it in hope no one would discover it ever again.

So now, back to the year 2020, a man who goes by the name of Elliot Attaway stumbles across this secret after trying to find the truth behind how the Great Pyramids got there. For when he takes the scroll in his arms, the creature that many many years ago comes back up to the main land to possess this destined soul. The beginning of destruction then became reality.

But when 6 teenagers, all from the same school who have their ancestry connected and secret traits passed down to them from the chosen ones in the 1500s visit Egypt on their senior trip, their entire worlds are turned upside down because of the truth. For they are now the new chosen ones, and what started off as a simple trip, soon turned into their fate of finding out who they were meant to be in order to stop the ancient truth that their ancestors tried so hard to make sure that no one would ever have to go through this again.

The 6 will grow through the pain behind finding themselves along with its benefits. The group will be tested on how they work together, their faith in each other and in themselves. Yet they are only teenagers, so when hardships in friendship, faith, love, courage, and so on fail: does the group have enough to survive and find the power between the 6 to save life and bury or destroy the secret once more?

Character Information

Nickname: (Optional)
Age: 17-19
Gender: (I need BOYS and GIRLS)
Personality: (Include Negative and Positive Traits)
High School Group:
Family Background:
Ancestor's Name:
Secret That Was Passed Down:
Fears: (needs more than one)
Love Interest: (Again Optional and Can be Determined Later)

My Character

Name: Ravenna Nani Smith
Nickname: Rave
Age: 17 (Has a late spring birthday)
Gender: Female
Appearance: honey brown long wavy hair that's almost always in a braid, light olive colored skin, deep hazel-amber eyes, 5'4, 110 lbs (on the low end of average but still average), often wears denim faded jeans, flowing tops, comfortable shoes. Almost is always seen with a faint, gentle smile, vague freckles that appear on her nose when she squints or is in the sunlight.
Personality: Quiet yet Daring, Stubborn but Open Minded, Intelligent however lacks common sense, Humble and Kind. Protective yet Insecure, Innocent but self aware, Cautious however adventurous, and last but not least, Clumsy and down to earth.
High School Group: Eco-Friendly/Gardening
Family Background: Has Icelandic, German, French heritage from her mom's side and English, Italian, and Swiss heritage from her dad's side. She has 3 older brothers and one younger sister. Ravenna looks more like her dad and is closest to the youngest of her older brothers, Layton-Age 19.
Ancestor's Name: Hadrian Beham (Ancestor from her mother's side)
Secret That Was Passed Down: Holds Keen Senses (Can hear, see, taste, smell, and sense things others can't but can only use one sense at a time and if she's using her hearing her sight isn't as good.)
Fears: Love, Betrayal, Fire, Darkness, Suffocation, Pain, Other's Deaths, and Failure
Love Interest: TBD


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