Nobody Likes the Rain.

Chapter 1


Nobody likes the rain,
So don't pretend to, my dear.
Blood that flows to the drain,
Its arrival is your worst fear.

Nobody wants the rain,
They all hope for the sun.
While they all run to Spain,
It lies in wait for the one.

Nobody dreams of the rain,
Its mood as cold as its heart.
Its eyes as dark as its vein,
And its smile as false as its start.

And nobody feels the rain,
As they push it out and away.
No one feels its shimmery strain,
As it hides beneath clouds of grey.

So nobody needs the rain,
Their flowers not watered but vodka'd.
They celebrate with champagne,
As rain cries a puddle of water.

Sad, nobody loves the rain,
As it kisses its own sodden skin.
But who is she to complain,
Each lone breath is a dark deadly sin.

Yet, nobody knows the rain,
Still she holds the blade hard to her wrist.
And, nobody knows the pain,
As she sits in the haze of the mist.


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