I wonder

sometimes do you wonder why the skys blue? why the clouds float? why boats dont sink?

so do i.

Chapter 1

One day

Everynight I would look at the stars. i know it seems strange; yet i would while away hours searching for distant planets and clusters. why dont stars fall? why arnt we for that matter!? cogs would whir in my head like speakers that only knew questions... before my mind would answer. maybe we are, we just dont know it. space is ever lasting after all. this would lead to more pointless gossip to fling around in my mind. then it would stop... so suddenly that i would shock myself. then it would dawn on me...

so beautiful...

each star was its own eye to watch me. keeping me safe from selfish human emotions. guarding me from pain. the planets could be anywhere, everywhere. glimpses of flickering candle flames. they seemed so weak from where i stood, so vulnerable. but i knew their facade. beneath the amazment that plastered over my thoughts, came fear. such things could at any time become violent. a second sun, a pit of black. a tiny dot, smaller than ever. desroying every speck of dust or waste to come close. gravity so strong nothing could escape. darkness enveloping black. nothing escaping, not even light.

but light was just earth right?

after all, light bulbs and screens. candles and so much more only came in earth. yet then i thought, why do they discuss light speed SOO much. space was everlasting.

a time machine!

the sky we see from windows and telescopes could have been from 1-1000000 years ago or more! say the moon is but a few months. something like siris could be 15000000 years old yet we see it as 100. okay this is a gross exadgeration but space is proven.

i yawned and rested my limp head on my hands. watching sadly as the stars crackled above. i smiled.



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