Yo People! Read This Now!

Now, that I have your attention...keep reading. You won't regret it. Unless you don't read this. Then you might regret it. I can make all the cookies disappear...

Chapter 1

This Girl...

I am about to post a link on here.
See it? You do? Perfect. Now, what I want you to do is move the little mousy thing to it and click on it. It will send you to the profile of my current top friend. She is an awesome person. I told her some time last week that I had an idea for something and she about went insane trying to get me to tell her what my idea was. I of course would not tell. At one point, I got a message from her that was almost all PLEASEs I think she used up all but like 200 characters. She was frustrated but I was amused. A lame idea and she about went crazy over it.
Well, this is the idea. A story saying how awesome she can be and is. She is a sweet and caring person who will do about anything to make you laugh. Several times I was sad and she made me laugh so I would cheer up. She hates to see anyone hurting. You can't find a friend like her very easily.
She knows almost every song out there (until I got her with some that she had no idea) and can sing with you. She's random, crazy, funny, caring, sweet, respectful, and most importantly she's my friend. I'm proud to call her that.
So, if you haven't already friend request her and if you're already her friend send her a message.
You will never regret talking to this girl. The only thing you will regret is if you ever hurt her. You hurt her, you deal with me. That won't be pretty. Just sayin'.
And to my friend that this is for, love ya babe. (inside joke guys. You wouldn't understand)
Peace, Love, and Cookies,


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