The Invasion

Quick Destroid Fanfic I wrote based on the band Destroid and the Invasion album track names are the chapter names. Sorry if its not perfect. It was very quick and short.

Chapter 1

The Invasion

One day we all heard strange noises coming from the sky. We were watching Seinfeld when this video came on ( in a breaking news interuption. I didn't like that. I never liked being interupted when watching my Seinfeld. But I was in shock when I saw this video. It had a symbol. I know it. I know only too well. The symbol of Destroid.

The story must be true. Excision wasn't making that up. They really are coming. I know I am safe. I know they will spare me because I am Elevated. But what about my family? They are not. I must get them to be elevated. I get my iPod. I play Destroid 1 Raise Your Fist to my brother.

"Do you feel it?" I ask.

"Feel what? What am I supposed to be feeling?" He asked.

"The energy! The Elevated feel the energy course through their bodies when they hear Destroid!" I said.

"Well all I hear are the same noises from the sky." He said.

"Please try to feel it!" I begged. "Otherwise you will be Destroid!"

"What are you talking about?" he asked. I rolled my eyes and opened my computer. I opened the comic and read it to him. I read him the description of Destroid. I read their slogan. "Elevate your existence now or be Destroid. Please. I don't want you to be Destroid." I said. My brother just rolled his eyes and walked out of the room like I was a crazy person.

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