My Quibblo Site Improvement Suggestions

My hope is that Quibblo him/herself reads this, and will consider these ideas. :)

Chapter 1

Stories Need a Filter

I have been through my story invites, and there is a major problem: no stories worth reading. So I went to the 'stories' page, hoping to stumble upon a great story. There was just too much crap. Looking for a good novel would be like looking for a needle in an entire TARDIS full of haystacks. This is when I wondered... why are the 'most popular' and 'most rated' stories all so awful (compared to some of the good stories I've read, at least)?

Here's where my idea comes in. I say that there should be some form of quality control in stories. There are several ways to go about doing this. I have more than one suggestion on this matter, because I have no idea which one would be easiest, or which one would be entirely unplausible.

1. Quibblo employees do quality control.
This is how the method would work: Once a story is published, a quibblo employee reads it. They judge it based on whether it's actually a story (a life update or a rant instead, for example), and how good the story is. Then they simply give it a rating out of five stars. Zero stars if it's not a real story (or if the story hasn't started in the first chapter, as in only character info only), one star if it's a pitiful novel with so many grammar errors and soggy characters that you could just cry, and so forth. Two if it's an okay story, but not worth reading for fun. Three if they wouldn't recommend it personally, but it's a pretty good novel, four if they found it to be an interesting, good read, and five if it was absolutely outstanding and they really enjoyed reading it (but this would probably be rare). I understand that people may get hurt feelings over this, but don't present it as a judgement. Present it as a way of categorizing things. Zero stars isn't necessarily a bad thing, it just means that people who are looking for an actual book to read with chapters shouldn't read shouldn't go looking there. On the story tab/page, you could have all of the stories in the different ratings, instead of 'most read' and 'highest rating' and 'newest'. Then you can go there and immediately find a good story to read in the four or five star sections. If a story between one and three stars gets over a hundred reads or comments, it is re-evaluated by an employee, and then given more stars if it deserves it. Quibblonians would all be eternally grateful for this, I promise you.

2. There is a new thing to create
I know, I know. The notes was supposed to fix this problem. But there were several problems with the notes. They are basically invisible, because the only two places most quibblonians go is to the homepage, their profile page, and their messages. Getting invites for notes would be nice. Then they would feel more like they existed. Anyway, that was slightly off topic: another category of creation. Re-name 'story' to 'novel.' that sounds more official and writerly. Then made a new kind of creation called 'update'. This would need a new section in the comments. What you do is you create an update (basically what half of the crappy stories are about--rants, reposts, anything non-novelish), and then the update section of your inbox shows these updates, in invite form (but you simply click on it, like a message. You don't click twice, like with stories, since that is annoying). That way you get a quick update.

3. Harsh rules.
I'm not so sure about this one, but consider combining this with numbers 1 and 2: If a creation is created as a 'story' and is not actually a story, then the quibblo employee simply deletes it. The quibblonian gets a notification that their story no longer exists (although they get a copy of it--I know I wouldn't want to lose an entire chapter of something, even if it wasn't a story), and is asked to please use the correct category when posting content.
This would discourage others to use the story creation thing to say 'OMGOSH I GOT A DOG' or something like that. And that would be epic.

4. Story descriptions take on a new meaning.

This idea is really flexible. First of all, change the 'description' to the 'blurb' (like on the inside cover of a book, designed to draw the reader in). Just change what it's called. Then, add some feature in the inbox where (in a perfect world) you mouse over the title of the invite and it shows you the blurb (and possibly the opening few lines, perhaps in place of the blurb if there isn't a blurb), or (in a more realistic world) you click on the title and instead of saying 'so-and-so has created a new story titled (insert the title you just clicked on here), it shows you the first chapter/the blurb/the blurb and the first paragraph! That would make it a lot easier for me to tell if a book was readable or not.

5. The 'favorite authors' option.

When a quibblonian finds an author that they enjoy so much that they want to read all of their invites (I know three or four like this), they click 'add to favorites'. This would be an additional friends list, I guess, except you would have a 'favorite' section in your inbox so that you can just ignore the rest of the crap you get in your inbox, and open what you actually care about. Speaking of filters, imagine a permanant twilight fanfiction filter (so you NEVER get any invites tagged 'twilight'). Back on topic: Starred authors and prioritized somehow in your invites. This could also work with stories. You could have a list of stories which you are hopping up and down at the end of your seat waiting for the next chapter for, and whenever they get updated, you get a biggggg invite to read them all.

PLUS, authors who are favorited by lots of people can be featured on the homepage, so that people can just go to them when looking for really good stories. The 'bookshelf (or whatever it would be called) could be used in this manner as well. I know the favorites was supposed to be like this, but... it isn't.

6. Tags take on a new meaning.

Say you went to your inbox one day and decided you were sick of one direction fanfiction. Imagine clicking the box that says 'delete all invites tagged "one direction"'. Now, all you have to do is encourage people to appropriately tag their stories. AND, (here's the important part) change the tags page. tags such as 'funny' and 'random' and 'teen' make this site sound like a social media place. It's an author's site, not facebook. Make it so that people can look at all the stories tagged 'fanfiction', 'rant', 'romance,' 'teen with superpower', 'person is kidnapped', 'outcast at school', 'fantasy', etc. And don't sandwich all of the rants and updates and things in with the rest of the 'stories'. If you don't want to create a whole new thing, simply distinguish them through the tags.

7. The Power of Reviews.

I, for one, would be eager to participate in this, if it happened. I'm sure my friends would too. First, create a new section of creation (separate from quizzes or stories or notes): Reviews. People create book reviews all the time, but they aren't connected to the quibble story that they're reviewing in any way, and get sandwiched in with the rest of the invites. I suggest that we have a way to review stories in a way similar to that of apple apps. The user reads the story, then (and this pops up on the page. It is impossible to leave the page without filling out the form) they give it a rating between 1 and 5. And they say why. They write a review. It could be long or short. This is a great way for not only the author to get constructive criticism, but for good stories to get more publicity. This would be SEPARATE from the comments, and would have a much larger word limit. I, for one, would get started on rating stories so they can be categorized (like I said in idea #1) and... oh. REVIEWs and RATINGS would be separate, too. Different quibblo users could have a page on their profile where they have all of the book reviews they've done on books they liked. Stories with book reviews (because obviously a book review is a lot more in-depth than a rating) get a higher status on quibblo, and therefore more publicity. Add another tab just called 'book reviews', so people can find the book they're looking for. You could have book review sections such as 'frequent book review writers', 'high-rated authors' (their book reviews, not their books or the reviews that their books get), and 'books with the most/highest reviews'.

Great! Now that I've got all those ideas out there, there's only one component needed for them to work: quibblonians to take it seriously. No writing really short book reviews that say 'thisisawesomereaditnow!' the end. NO REVIEWING YOUR OWN BOOKS, and ... hey, maybe there could be different sections to fill out. Like 'plot' and 'characters' and 'writing style' and things.


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