Thank You

Chapter 1

Thank You!

Thank you mama for giving life to me so many years ago,
For helping me to prosper and then to grow.

Thank you daddy for loving me still,
Even though I have grown very ill.

Thank you sister for putting up with me today,
I'm glad you didn't pack up and leave right away.

Thank you my friends who say that you care,
It means so much to know that someone is there.

Thank you my teachers who's intelligence levels are top,
I'm glad that you helped me to be the opposite of a flop!

Thank you my nurses who helped me recover,
A healthy new lifestyle you've helped me discover.

Thank you dear pets for being so sweet,
I think you deserve a nice little treat.

Thank dear soldiers who couldn't be here,
Because you're fighting for your country so dear.

Thank you Quibblo for making a website so great,
It's a place I can go to escape all the world's hate.

My Inspiration

My real inspiration to write this was just of how thankful I am to be alive. I'm thankful for my family! I'm thankful for the great creators like Quibblo that give us things like this for absolutely nothing! I'm thankful for the people of this community who nurse us to health and educate us! And above all, I'm thankful for the men and women fighting so that we can keep all of this.

Poems & Poets

Alone- Edgar Allen Poe:

Shall I Compare Thee- William Shakespeare:

A Late Walk- Robert Frost:

[[I really hope you enjoy this poem! And if Quibblo ever sees this I just want him to know that I think of this site as a second home!]]


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