My Life Doesn't Need Anything More

Chapter 1

Thank You :)

A Little treat for me
Not so little actually
It is everything I need and I don't need more
All I need is someone to love
Someone to care for me,
Someone to act like an idol to me,
Until I realize I have all those things
Everyone loves me in a way,
Everyone cares for me in a way,
Everyone inspires me in a way,
But it is always hard to realize it;
Until you get that warmth,
That everyones got your back
Even if you have never met them in your life,
Someone has given you life already,
It doesn't matter your beliefs
That thing is what you believe in
So every single day of the year...
Give gratitude to everyone and everything here.

Here are 2 poets who inspire me everyday:

All of the poets on here also Inspire me every single day :)


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