Ma, What Are You Thankful For?

Ma, What Are You Thankful For?

This is my submission for the Thanksgiving Poem Contest :)

What inspired me to write this poem was my family, because I've been going through some tough times with them lately, and I am appreciating their love and existence.

Links for some poets I like:‎

Chapter 1

What are you thankful for?

by: Alily
Darling, I'm thankful for you.
For your sisters, your brothers, your father--
For this home in which we dwell.
For the beautiful daisies in the garden,
In which you pick in the late afternoon when the sun blazes onto your rosy cheeks.

I'm thankful for all that I have
And I couldn't ask for anything more.
Not a single bottle of perfume,
Not a single bouquet of flowers,
Not a single box of chocolates.

But, darling, what are you thankful for?
Are you thankful for your friends whom which you play Hide and Go Seek with?
For the lemon meringue pies that you and I bake together?
For the daisies you pick?
For all that you have?

Darling, I hope you learn to be like me
And be thankful for all that you have
And never, ever ask for anything else--
Because that is called greed, darling
And greed is poison to your soul.

Appreciate your Thanksgiving, darling
Keep it close to your heart
Be thankful for all that you have
Because, who knows--
Exactly how long that will last.


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