Thanksgiving Shout Outs (Top Ten)

What am I thankful for? All of you guys! Here are a few people who I want to point out specifically for being a great friend.

Chapter 1

Thank you for Everything.

by: For_You
QuoteGal (Lila): You, my love, are my best friend on this site. Whenever I'm sad, upset, happy, confused, or anything, you always listen and seem to understand. You are so sweet, talented, and humble that it's sometimes impossible to believe that you're human. I seriously believe that you might just be an angel sent from above to save me, beautiful girl. Thank you so much and Happy Thanksgiving.

A_Small_Drop (Emily): Where do I even begin? You are probably the most outrageously stubborn person I have ever met, but I seem to have this huge amount of love for you. You are so beautiful, smart, and secretly kind that you brighten my day every time we chat. You're a light in my darkness. A bright neon orange light. I honestly don't remember the last time you didn't make me laugh over something you said or did. Don't get me wrong, you have an insane personality. And when I've been friends with you, I've grown to realize just how crazy I am too. And we match in the best way. I'm so glad the universe worked its magic and I'm overly thankful that we are friends.

Layla_District4 (Lexi): This girl has some real guts to continue to tell me that she's not incredible in almost every way. This shout out will be more aimed at how amazing you are so you can finally realize that you are special to all Quibblonians. You are precious, kind, humble, talented, smart, social, noble, creative, joyful, charming, and just a one-of-a-kind gal. I'm so pleased to call you my friend, love.

Linde (Bree): Breelicious, the higher level words that I should use to describe you are just not coming out tonight, so I believe that you have to settle for subpar. You are probably the most sophisticated person I have ever had the chance of meeting. Your logic shouts out in almost everything you do (unfortunately, we are all human) and your sincere honesty defines who you are. Everyone holds the highest respect for you on here because you opinions are so true, to the point, and gentle. Even your writing displays pure finess. I feel the need to curtsy to end this thank you note. Happy Thanksgiving, beautiful munchkin. *curtsy*

Angel of Music (Lark): You come off as shy and somewhat afraid. But once someone gets to know you, they would realize that they couldn't possibly hand pick a better friend. You are a great listener and have such a beautiful personality. You're super kind and always on top of things. I also hold you in my highest regards of writers. Continue to be who you are because you are perfect to me.

RebelHeart (Tiffany): For some strange reason, we never run out of things to talk about. How do we do it? I don't know. But recently, I feel as if we have grown extra close and I just want to thank you for trusting me, talking with me and making me a better person. Your personality shines through your words and you probably help make many people smile every day. Thank you for being there always!

bewarethenargles (Olivia): Come online more often! I love talking with you and just wondering about life and the world with you. You're so kind and always listen to those who need it. I treasure our friendship and I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

vanessac222 (Vanessa): You have such a good heart and it has been a pleasure being your friend. I'm glad that we always make time to talk whenever we need to and that you help me through rough times. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

CVDB and ArtemisRocks1400 (Claire and Christina): I'm putting you both in the same category because you are both the bestest of friends and both my good friends. I enjoy talking with you two. When I come home after school, I love to just talk with you girls about life and all that's happening in the world. You both are so sweet and both talented authors. I wish that you two have a great holiday.

To all of the rest, I love you guys too and thank you so much for being my friend. I enjoy your company and wish you the best Thanksgiving yet!


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