Thanksgiving, Time and Again

For Quibblo's Poetry Contest #32!
Heh, not one of my best...

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Chapter 1


Breathe in the fragrance,
Punctuating the heavy Thanksgiving air;
Gratitude, love, family, hope,
Wishes, dreams, yearning, joy.

Stare towards the soft gray sky,
Speckled with the seldom flashes of birds' wings,
And be thankful, for
These precious gifts can be seized in an instant

The scarlet apples are heavy on
The forgiving boughs of their mother trees,
And be thankful, for
Who else would care for their heartrending jobs,
Bearing children, loving, and having them taken away? None but the trees,
Be thankful for that.

The playful wind rustles the tips of the maples,
Gusting leaves and making rosy fire.
And be thankful for that, for
What in nature is more splendid,
Than the whispers of the wind? What else in nature
Can caress and scorn? Bitterly and tenderly...

Turn and feel the clutch of a warm hand,
Drop your eyes and meet the green of a child's knowing gaze.
And be thankful for that, for
None can compare to the miracle, the gift, of new birth.
None can compare with their blind love and faith and innocent joy.

The clouds race each other across the dusky sky,
An everending race and an everending cycle,
And be thankful for that, for
Who else would bear the burden; being bound endlessly to Earth,
Bound to rain; to ice; to cloud; to rain.
To ice; to cloud; to rain; to ice,
To cloud; to rain; to ice; to cloud

Tradition beckons from inside home and hearth,
Breathe in the fragrance.
And be thankful for that, for
Nothing is more valued than family.


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