Love in the Air (a One Direction Love Story)

Love in the Air (a One Direction Love Story)

I am doing an amazing 1D group story with one of my BFFS. Hope you like it!

Chapter 1

How it All Started

Jordan's POV
I was getting groceries for me and my BFF/roommate Prim. We live in a penthouse since we are both actresses. I finished shopping and as I was walking out I saw this handsome guy with brown hair and blue eyes. So the actress I was I dropped my bags and the boy came over and helped me out. "Do you need help... sorry I didn't get your name" "Jordan" I said. " and yes that would be lovely". He helped me with my bags and when I got in the car to go home, I saw he wrote his number on one of the bags. I put the number in my contacts and was on my way home. "Prim you will not believe what just happened" I said as I walked through the door. "What.." She moaned. "Stop moaning and you will not believe who I ran into" I said and before she answered I said "LOUIS TOMLINSON FROM ONE DIRECTION!" Her eyes went wide and the we jumped around and then I told her that I got his number and she was even more ecstatic and when she left I texted him and he asked me out and of course.
Prim's POV
I was so excited that I went outside and went for a walk to calm myself down. While I was walking I was listening to Best Song Ever and I accidentally ran into someone. "OMG I am so sorry" I said in a panic. "No need to worry it's fine. I'm Liam by the way and you are" "Prim"Then we exchanged numbers and I went home. As soon as I walked through the door I had a huge smile on my face and she figured it out right away. Me and Liam were constantly texting when he asked me out on a date. Of course I said yes and I told Jordan. She was so ecstatic that she made me go shopping for outfits to wear on our dates. I got a dress that was black on the top and pink on the rest. Jordan got a blue dress to match her sparking eyes. Then we went to get shoes to match our dresses. I got black heels and she got blue flats to match her dress.
The dates will be in the next chapter.

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