Shout Outs

This is shout outs to my friends. If you're not on here, don't be sad as you may be added later. If you want message me about it and it may get you added sooner!

Chapter 1

First Shout Outs

Okay guys. These are for my lovely friends who totally deserve it!
I will put your name and then why I like you or whatever.

Cara aka flag118
There is so much to say about you girl. You're funny, smart, sweet, caring, great to talk to, and I just love you. You were one of my first friends on here and the first one I contacted when I came back. I missed you like crazy and couldn't wait to get back in touch with you. I'm so glad we're friends. Never change.

I'm so sorry. I'm a terrible friend. I can't remember your name for sure. I think I know it but I'm not 100%. I'm thinking...does it start with R?
Anyway, you are a great girl and an awesome friend. I love writing with you. You are so creative and I have so much fun writing River Secrets and talking to Ella. :) I hope our friendship never ends.

Jenni aka fredanddracoaremyconsorts:
You are the best. You are helping me so much. You are great support with what I'm going thru and give the best advice. You don't judge me, you comfort me and are there for me whenever I need you. You will be the one I go to if my personal life goes to hell. You're always there for me and I'll always be here for you. Love you.

You are another one who gives me support. You love me for me and ignore my flaws. If I really knew you, I know we would be best friends. I can't believe our friendship started with me messaging you to stop bugging a friend! We just clicked. You have my back and I have yours. Love ya girlie!

We have so much in common. Lost love, hurt, scars, and the list goes on. I wish we had met on better terms, but I'm glad we met none the less. You are a sweet friend and you care. More important, you support what I do. Most people hate that I hunt. You accept and are okay with it. I don't find that a lot in friends.
I love messaging you. You are a strong person. Remember that. xoxo

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