Warrior Cat: A New Generation (Authors Wanted!)

Hello everyone! This is all you need to know if you want to sign up for writing a chapter! Brightleaf and Owlshadow become mates, Palesun and Skyleap do too plus kits, Coalpaw and Pepperpaw eventually become mates and finally, Lioneye and Nightdust become mates :) Spoiler Alert I want Redpaw, Stonefoot and Clearfang to die :( you can choose how. Thats about it! Don't forget to be creative in writing this! (You can make up characters as you go!)

Chapter 1

Chapter One (read discription if interested in writing a chapter!)

Lioneye shook the frost off of his long golden fur. It would be another cold night for Thunderclan. He looked back to see if his apprentice, Redpaw, was still following him. A dark brown figure was padding behind him.
"Wait up!" Redpaw called desperately from behind him. Lioneye sat down on the frozen earth and waited for him to catch up.
"What are we doing out here anyway? I'm freezing my tail off!" Redpaw complained once he had caught up with his mentor. Lioneye stood up and motioned impatiently for Redpaw to follow.
"Windclan has gone far enough this moon. We need to show them that they don't own us. If we don't they'll just keep coming back!" Lioneye explained.
Redpaw panted as he tried to keep up. "But-but Amberstar said we should try to avoid bloodshed! We don't even know if Windclan is the one stealing our prey!
Lioneye whirled around. "Windclan stink was all over the prey carcasses we found! It had to be them! Amberstar is just too kindhearted to see that."
Redpaw was about to protest, but he knew better then to argue with Lioneye.
The golden warrior sighed.
"I respect her for that, it's what makes her a good leader. But something has to be done. It's up to us now."
They walked in silence for a few moments. Then Redpaw spoke.
"So what are we going to do?" He asked cautiously.
"We're going murder one of their clan members to show them we aren't afraid of them."
Redpaw gasped, looking appalled.
"I'm only joking Redpaw." Lioneye chuckled. Redpaw relaxed a little.
"We're going to have a nice chat with the Windclan leader, try to talk things out."
Redpaw cheered up almost immediately. "That sounds great! We can fix things for the clan, and obey Amberstar at the same time!"
Lioneye looked up at the silver moon, and prayed to Starclan that he was doing the right thing, for him, and his clanmates.
"I was joking about that too."
dun dun duuuuun

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