Forces of Darkness ( An Original Group Story )

Lilith ,the only Banshee left in a world filled with darkness, and her friends Matt( the vampire/faery), Zora (the elf), Raine (the mermaid), and Corvyn ( the faery) embark on an epic journey to end all forces of darkness. These forces of darkness are attempting to wipe out all the good in their world, they kill the beings who live there one by one each night. In the morning they'll discover a new dead body, every single day. Will Lilith and her friends be able to end the forces of the dark?

Chapter 1

Lilith the Banshee Child

by: Grunge
I know what you're thinking; what the hell is a banshee, right? Well you see, I live in a totally different dimension than you do. You're all save and snug reading this on your computer while I'm over here fighting off evil beings who are trying to kill me! I was evil once, and I didn't even know it. Me being the only banshee left in this world makes me a very powerful threat to everyone. Banshees can take souls, just like that they can capture your soul and eat it for the sake of their own youth and happiness. And yes, I take souls, or at least I used to. I don't anymore. I was brain washed a while back, by the forces of darkness. They took me away when I was merley 10 years old and I was just discovering my powers. I was their secret weapon, the one that would destroy everything when the time came. But did I let that happen? No, of course not! I'm stronger than that, I don't let people control me or use me as a weapon! But the sad part is that I couldn't help it, I was weak, young, and confused. I didn't know what was going on. I was under their spell for 5 years, that's right 5 years. Now I'm 15, just relizing what I've done. I've killed so many people and destoyed so many villages, nobody looks at me the same as they did before they brain washed me. It wasn't my fault! Honestly, I haven't changed one bit! I'm still the fun, clever little girl I was before, right? Well, I may not be little anymore...

It's a lot for me to take in too, you know. I'm just lying on my bed in my room in the Academy, it's my old room from when I was ten. I can't stop thinking about what happened, I'll never let anything like it happen again, instead I'm going to stop these evil people completley! I throw the covers off my body and sit up, the moon casts blue light into my room from the window. It's bright tonight. I feel my bare feet tough the cold floor, I wipe my eyes and yawn then stand up and stretch.

I turn to my bedstand and flick on the little energy light I have. In this world we use energy balls of light to see with when it's dark out, not light blabs or whatever the hell you use. I throw my Academy uniform on, it's a dark blue jacket with a white collar, a matching ruffly mini skirt, white knee socks, and a red tie. I then slip on my brown boots, quickly comb my short white hair, grab my bag, and walk out the door. I lock it tight, like usual I'm always a bit paranoid when it comes to me thinking about people rummaging through my stuff.

The pathway to the classroom lit blue by the moon is lined with bushes and roses, I've never been one for flowers but I have to say it looks awfully pretty this early in the morning. You're probably wondering why I'm going to school so early, It's around 6:00 am, two hours earlier than school would normally start, I like being early for things. I know the doors won't be opened yet so I sit myself on a bench and look up at the moon. Whatever I've done, however many people I've killed with my ancient powers, I just hope my old friends will forgive me. God, hopefully they even remember me! My eyes drift off towards a figure in the distance, the figure gets closer and closer until it's merley a few feet away from me. I squint to see who it is, maybe I'll remember them. My heart leaps when I know who it is, like I could forget. I could never forget that dark brown hair, those beaming blue eyes. It's my old best friend, Matt Sapphire.

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