Strong : Sequel to Take Me Home ~~~A Harry Styles Love Story

Strong : Sequel to Take Me Home ~~~A Harry Styles Love Story

Taylor and Harry are at an all-time low. The passion that was once between them is not what it used to be. Every day for them is a day of survival for their marriage. Darcy, now 16, is unaware of it all. When a life-changing event happens to her, will it bring them closer together or tear them apart?

To understand this story, read Take Me Home~ A Harry Styles Love Story

Chapter 1


by: 1D4Life
“You’re like a perfect family.”

Perrie’s words have haunted my thoughts since that day—the day Brittany was born which also happened to be my wedding day. They follow me around every waking moment of my life to the point where I feel suffocated and trapped by such a fantasy phrase.

Because I wish it was true.

We are so far from a perfect family. No one knows though. And they don’t need to. It’s personal. Harry and I aren’t the same. The spark that once shined between us is slowly distinguishing to nothing. He’s always out doing something with work. And when he’s home, if he’s home, we find ourselves arguing. We try to relight that once burning passion by being intimate, but it always ends with awkward silence. Like a one-night stand every time. It’s been like that for almost three years now.

Every day is a struggle when living under Harry Styles shadow. Me, I have to be the perfect trophy wife it seems. Nowadays it’s hard to tell what affection he shows towards me is real. A simple peck on the cheek or an “I love you”. What’s the meaning behind it?

I always stare at our wedding photo. Our smiles are so real. You can practically see the pure love oozing from one another. I envy that couple. For that’s not what we are anymore.

I find myself staring at it once again. His arms wrapped around my waist. The way he’s smiling down at me and I’m looking up at him. That was a day I’ll never forget for as long as I live.

The house phone rings and I wander over to it. No one is home besides the baby who is taking her afternoon nap.

“Hello?” I say cheerily to try and hide the pain that lingers within my heart.

“Hey Tay-Tay!” El chirps. “Want to go to the show tonight? The guys are performing at the O2.”

“I know. I don’t think I’ll be going.”

“What? Why not?” She whines.

“I’m kind of tired and Brittany’s still asleep and Darcy will be home any minute and—“

“Taylor Styles, “She says defiantly. I cringe at the use of my last name. The good feeling that was once behind it is gone. “Darcy will probably be at a friends’ house like usual. And Brittany can play with Sarah like always. Plus, you haven’t been to a concert in months and you love them! I don’t understand why you’ve been acting this way.”

“It’s a long story.” I mumble.

“Well, long story or not you’re coming. Harry would love to see you there. I’ll be at your house by five. Love you!” The line goes dead and I’m left standing in the kitchen alone. The past creeps up on me and flashbacks race past my eyes. I twist my engagement ring around my finger wondering if the feelings behind it are still there. Maybe I’m just over analyzing things. Maybe he still really does love me and my stubbornness is covering the truth. Maybe there is still hope for us, for our marriage. I think about it and the more I do, I realize just how wrong I am. Who am I kidding? Only a perfect family could resolve their issues and live happily ever after.

And we are not perfect.

Hi guys!! So what did you think of the first chapter? It's a little preview to start of all that is going to happen. Comment and rate to let me know what you think !!

~Victoria Xx

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