Karma's A Jerk

You know how Karma works, right? If you're bad, something bad happens to you? Well let's just say that Selena and her friends get the worst of it. Picking on a 'nerd' will get you no where but in the arms of death, fearing for your life. Watch out, or he's going to come get you and make you pay for what you've done.

Chapter 1

Chapter One

" Oh my God, guess what Nick did to me today!" Selena squeals, rolling her eyes afterwards. "What did he do?" Paityn asks, clearly clueless as to what has been going on around the school. "He tried to touch me!" Selena tells her. "What? Really?" Paityn and Willow gawk. In reality, he just bumped into her, but being the 'queen bee' of the school, Selena quickly ruined his life. People around the school are bumping into him and growling about how he touched them and that now they had to desanitize their bodies. It was sad, really. They never know what his life was like. He seems like the nerd who gets good grades and anything he wants, but in reality, he gets good grades because he stays in his room, away from his abusive father. Of course Selena never knew that, no one did. He always kept to himself, kept his head down when dealing with the popular people. His friends, well, let's just say they weren't social, so they never hung out. It's practically like he doesn't have friends, but math buddies or science partners, that's it. "Oh my god, Nick has a twitter!" Paityn laughs loudly. Selena recoils in disgust. "Ew, I should delete my twitter, he's gross and has now infected twitter." Selena sighs. "And I love twitter."She adds, pouting like baby playfully. "Let's tweet him." Willow grins, grabbing Paityn's phone and saying what she's typing to him. "Nick. Wow, you are actually trying to be cool and have a twitter. But now we have to get off, because you ruined it all!" She sends the tweet to him and waits. 'Ding!' The phone goes off, making the girls yelp in surprise. "Hey, i'm going to order a few salads from Carl's Jr. I heard there salad is the best." Selena calls. "Alright ,get one for us to!" "Of course!" Selena laughs, walking down stairs to go call Carl's Jr. "Oh my god... Nick has some guts on the internet, but not in real life. He says ' Cool, twitter doesn't need snobby girls like you trolling around. Leave me alone.' Wow, he's sucks at trying to have good comebacks. But hey, he's online. What should I say back?" "Mm... here. Give me the phone." Paityn smiles sickly. "I have an idea."

"So, what did you send him back?" Selena asks, leaning on the kitchen counter. "I told him to go kill himself." Paityn shrugs. "He shouldn't even be on this planet." She adds. 'Ding!' The phone signifies that someone has sent them a DM. "Wonder what kind of stupid comeback he has in store for us now." Selena laughs. "Oh my god..." Paityn's eyes widen in fear. "What is it?" Willow's eyebrows scrunch together in confusion, wondering why she would be so afraid of a tweet, but it's not on a DM, it's directly to her. "Oh my god!" Willow screams, covering her face. "What is so ba- Oh my god! Is that...his head?" Selena gasps, looking closer. "This better be a trick..." Willow cries. "The heading says he's coming for us, whoever is holding his head." Paityn lets a few tears slip out of her eyes. "Guys, i'm really scared..." Willow sniffles. Loud knockings on the big oak door makes the girls scream in fear. "I-Is that him?" Paityn asks. "Or the salad guy..." Selena states slowly, creeping towards the door. Again, he wraps on the door a bit louder than last time. "C-Coming!" Selena yells, fear shaking in her voice. She cracks open the door slowly, peering through the crack. "Oh thank God..." She breathes out. She opens the door wider, just as he falls to the ground, a knife in his back with blood seeping out of his white shirt. "OH MY GOD!" They scream in unison, backing away from the door. Glass shatters from somewhere in the house. "Let's go somewhere else, whoever killed Nick is here...and he's going to kill us!"

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