This is like a diary? I think?

Chapter 1

Just three little things...

by: Hush_Hush
1) I call myself a procrastinator, but I think it is just an excuse for being lazily. I use excuses a lot.

2) I always to to myself, I'll just put that on my computer where no one can see it... But then when someone goes on my computer and they are like, "WTF is this?!?!?", and I'm just like, "Eh, nothing...that was just like.....OMG PATRICK DID IT!"

Everyone patrick is my brother by the way, I will tell you more about my friend / family / e.c.t. later

3) I went to the ICT help desk at school and two of my bestest friends came with me (Alex and Jess), we were like yelling and laughing on the way there, and year nines were glaring at us like, "IN A LESSON HERE!" But anyway we got up to the ICT desk and we all stood outside, and Alex had already been there before today, so I sorta muttered, "We're back" when we got there.

But anyway I'll tell you a bit about Alex, she is shorter than me, shortish dark brown hair, really nice, has a personality like mine and is amazing.

But yeah so we were at the desk and like the whole classes iPads were all messed up so we told one of the ICT guys and he's like, "Ok, I'll come down...after I've had my lunch"

And Alex says, "You haven't had lunch yet?!?!?!" that is just like her...


So I think we stood outside the actually ICT desk for a while then he said, "Ok one of you come in"

We all looked at each other like who wants to go first.../If you have a sick mind then you should be laughing though this whole story/... and he said, "Um what about you?", he was looking at me, probably because I saw standing closest to the door.

So I walked in and Alex yelled...WAIT FOR IT... "Why aren't I invited to the party!?!?!?!?"

I glared at her like WTF WHAT THE HELL, and she smiled smugly and turned around and talked to Jess. SO I walked in and they got on my email and tried to fix the problem, and after a while Alex and Jess were...again wait for it... planning what they were going to steal from the ICT desk (as a joke of corse) yeah but they came up with:
.10 cents
.A pocket knife
.e.c.t e.c.t

I have no idea how many times I have to say "Shut up guys!" that lesson but what ever. WHat happened was my most recent email was from my mum....a picture of my who had turned my dressing gown into a onesie. SO every time they went on to my email they were on the brink of seeing that photo, so I awkward grabbed my iPad each time and yelled, "let me get that on the school email for you...."

Later I realised you actually had to press on the photo to see it, but it was still so freaky... But so they finally nearly fixed my email, and one of the ICT guys said, "Ok you just need to email it to me"

so I said, "Ok..", I emailed it to him twice and yeah it worked, so I had one of the ICT guy's emails as my 'most recent'....Yeah.

But anyway then one of the ICT guys said I'll come down to your class and show your teacher how to do it. So we walked down and Alex asked, "Aren't you going to have your lunch first?"

I forgot how he replied but it was funny. But anyway I asked Alex and Jess what they were planning to steal, and they listed the many, many things and when they got to the 10 cents the ICT guy (Josh) said, "That's my lunch money"

Then alex said, "What are you going to buy with 10 cents?"

"A subway."

Then we all laughed, as my life recorded another awkward moment.


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