Chapter 1

Searching for Love

by: roar921
At every age, whether you are in middle school or you are in you 50's, we all want love. If someone says they don't want to be loved, they are probably lying. I mean really... Many people are constantly looking for an attractive male or female wherever they may be. Shopping for groceries, at the gas station, in school, at work, and so many more places. Someone to make their heart skip a beat and give them butterflies. The feeling of anticipation and excitement. I myself have had many crushes throughout my life. The first I can remember being when I was about 4 years old. The guy I had a crush on was friends with another girl and I got jealous. When I was 5 the guy I liked kissed me a few times and I remember telling my mom, who wasn't too happy about that. Throughout elementary school, middle school, and now high school, it's been BOYS, BOYS, BOYS! I'll be honest...there has only been ONE...let me repeat ONE guy besides my kindergarten fling who has even taken an interest in me. It was at camp and he was my boyfriend for about 45 minutes before we realized we couldn't do this because he lives in another country. It was heartbreaking for me and him but I've gotten over it and he has too. My point is, searching for love is not an easy thing to do. The movies where the girl meets the guy and they are both instantly involved with each other is not accurate. There is usually a chase going on. Boy chases girl and/or girl chases boy. I've been the chaser so far, but who knows...maybe I'll get tagged and have to run! [PLEASE GIVE ME SOME FEEDBACK AND LET ME KNOW HOW YOU LIKED IT AND IF I SHOULD MAKE MORE OF THESE :D]

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