The Kiss of Death

"Cowards die many times before their deaths. The valiant never taste of death but once".

Chapter 1

A Coffee Shop

by: Hyouka
Two girls sit in a coffee shop.

It is a fairly nice november day outside, the bustle of customers filling every silence as people live on with their lives. The comforting scent of Christmas coffees drifts through the air. It is pleasant, the shop. There haven’t been any new customers for about an hour now. Most of them are off shopping in the day. All but those two girls. Those girls, present at that coffee shop for two very different, and yet far too similar reasons.

They sit separate from one another, about as different as two girls could be.

The first sits with a cup of Caramel Macchiato cupped in her hands. She is quiet, calculating, her eyes locked strong, her mouth set in a steady line, seeming to be deep in thought. She tries to act calm, but her gray eyes often flicker to a darkened corner of the shop. Despite her attempts to hide herself behind the strands of her hair, there is no hiding the fact that in her eyes is the most fearful look seen on any human before. If you knew her well enough, recognized the way she bites at the inside of her lower lip and picks mercilessly at the foam on the outside of her coffee cup, you would know that she is waiting. She is waiting for her end. It is coming, and soon.

The second girl is not trying to hide her fear. She’s waiting, same as the first girl, but for something quite different, something much more terrifying than could be imagined by mere people like us. Tears stream unnoticed down her face, her eyes red, her heart eroding away grain by ever painful grain. Today, she meets her fate. Today, she faces the biggest battle of her lifetime. If you saw her from the outside, you would think that perhaps she broke up with her boyfriend, or lost her dog. Not even close. She has to decide her own fate over a pair of vanilla latte’s. She has to make the choice of a lifetime. Nobody knows this. Nobody knows what she is suffering through, has suffered through.

They both seem so merely normal from an outside view. Nothing but human. Humans with a choice to be made.

But these choices are death wishes. Both of them.

And neither of the girls has any idea what they’ll do.

The bell on the coffee shop door jingles.

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