Awkward Hetalia Meme Re-post!

This is a re-post from Kit Kat's original
She asks that you use your own OC when reposting and to also change up the order of the countries

Chapter 1

I created mine based of the characteristics of the actual country!

Name: Colombia
True/Human name: Paola Andrea
Personality: Very open, outgoing, flirty, Likes to be outside, especially at the beach. She is a big coffee dranker and some say she is adicted to it. She has ADHD and can't stay in one place. Also very rich to the point where she can easily spot the value of something
Appearance: Dark brown hair that is extremely curly, slightly tanned skin, Usually wears a yellow sundress with a bathing suit underneath. She is an exotic beauty, much like the Amazons which were native to her land.
Pets: Gipy (a piranha) and Chloe (an anaconda)
She also tends to live on the dangerous side of things, leading others to believe she is partially insane.


1. Spain
2. Romano
3. Italy
4. Germany
5. America
6. France
7. England
8. Austria
9. Hungary
10. Prussia
11. Canada
12. Russia

1) 4 hits on you. What do you do?

Well hey there! I didn't know you had feelings for me, Germany. I really thought you and Italy were together. But I'm sorry, it's just not meant to be.

2) 9 walks in on you when you're showering, and then has the indecency to ask for your number. What happens?

Um Hungary, could you just leave! shoves her out the room I'm not into girls!

3) You're having a casual conversation with 5 when he/she informs you of 8's deeply hidden love for you.

So America, your telling me that Austria likes me? Hmm.... maybe... I kind of like him too.

4) Somehow, you have ended up locked in a closet with 12. What happens?

It's Russia! I actually just watch him as he gives me creepy smiles... What's up with that?!

5) When you get out of the closet, you find that 6 locked you in there. Why did he do that? What's your reaction?

God France! You did that? He totally freaked me out! shoves him in with Russia and locks the door Let's see how you react!

6) You, 3, 7, and 10 are watching a scary movie. You aren't finding it that scary, but 10 can't stand it and starts clinging to you five minutes in. 3 slinks off to the shipping corner, and 7 turns on a cheap romance flick. What do you do? And what does 10 do?

Italy, England, and Prussia join me for movie night! Well, I sit calmly till I decide to push Prussia on the ground. "Why are you being such a baby? Grow up if your so awesome!" Prussia leaves, indignant shouting "I am awesome!" I don't know why Italy when to the shipping corner, unless Germany is there... But I guess England really is a romantic, even with bushy eyebrows.

7) As a joke, 5 and 9 come over and ask you how things are going with you and 3. Your reaction?

America and Hungary, why do you ask about Italy? Were just friends you know. But then again, Italy does say I'm a beautiful women. But I guess that's to be expected from a pasta lover.

8) You wake up to find 4 sitting on the edge of the bed. You:

Germany! Why are you here?! Apparently he was just worried that I was stealing Italy from him... go figure

9) How do you react when you spot 8 and 11 kissing?

Austria and Canada?! Do you two seriously like each other. Austria, is it because Hungary's into girls, well sorry. And Canada, I thought you liked Wonderland.

10) What do you do when 2 calls you to confess his huge crush on 1?

Ah, Romano! I'm so happy for the two of you! Big brother Spain is so in love you! I know it!

11) 9, 7, and 5: Threesome or love triangle? Or both?

Hungary, England, and America. Well, England and America have been paired off before, and Hungary is the only girl, so probably just a threesome. Maybe a love triangle if Hungary got mixed in with one of them.

12) At 6's Christmas party, 12 pulls you under the mistletoe. You:

Frances Party, and Russia pulls me under the mistletoe. Um, well, I kiss him because that's what the mistletoe means, but it's so strange, I feel faint... What did Russia do to me?!

13) 11 dares you to spend ten minutes in a closet with 3. What do you do-- what happens if you accept the dare?

Prussia dared me to pend three minutes in a closet with Italy. Well, in the entire time, Italy just talked about Germany and Pasta. So it just made me hungary for pasta.

14) 12 suddenly confesses his deeply hidden love for you. What happens?

Russia loves me?! Well, Belarus would totally kick my butt for stealing Russia from her. But I guess it wouldn't be too bad. Russia does have some charming points... I think.

15) The very same day, 6 confides in you and tells you about his love for 12. Your reaction?

Well France, I guess it's not surprising that you like Russia since you practically are in love with everyone, but I'm sorry. Russia already has Belarus and possibly me if I decide I love him back. So sorry, you far from being up there!

16) What happens when 11 suddenly and randomly tries to kiss you?

Canada! I'm sorry! I didn't see you there. Why are you trying to kiss me? It's not like we could be a good couple. red faced and looks away There is another I like. Besides, you have Wonderland, and I know she loves you!

17) Who would be the better couple: You and 5, 4 and 1, or 12 and 2?

Me and America, Germany and Spain, or Russia and Romano... Well, I think me and America could really hit it off! I think the two of us have a lot in common! Germany and Spain... Maybe but I don't think so. Russia and Romano, the names sound good together, but I'm not sure it would work out. It would be interesting to watch though! ^-^

18) You and 1: Crack, canon, or meh?

Me and Spain?! But... He's my big brother! It would be like Russia and Belarus... I say meh! I will not date my brother like Belarus wants too!

19) 9 and 5: Crack, canon, or meh?

America and Hungary. Hmm, well, they don't match up personality wise, but I'm sure they would look cute together! So I say canon!

20) 10 and 3: Crack, canon, or recipe for disaster?

Prussia and Italy... Deffinately a recipe for disaster! There is no way the would go together! But then again, Prussia is Germany's brother... and so is HRM... So maybe it's possible.

21) What happens when 5 shoves you into the closet with 6 and 2?

America shoved me in with France and Romano... Well, they are both related, and since Spain is my brother, I guess they are related to me as well. But I don't think either of them are very good company, so I will have a good talk with America when I get out! Maybe he can meet my Chloe...

22) 10 and 8: Friends or "more than friends"?

Oh, you mean Austria and Prussia? I think, more than friends ;) Have you seen the way they act around each other?!

23) Would you and 5 get "distracted" if you were alone together?

Hmm, America, Well, maybe ;) he is sort of my type. I like them brave and stupid.

24) What about you and 12?

I think Russia could be nice if I gave him a chance. His past was kind of sad and I empathize with him. So with Belarus out of they way, It could totally work out!

25) Who is the most pissed off by this meme~?

I think I totally pissed off Belarus when I stole Russia from her! But suck it! He's mine, and maybe America can be with us too ;) If you know what I mean.


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